Add Download button to auction winners page


As an auction winner, I wanted to immediately download the PNG of the lil noun I won and share it in the Discord. However, on the auction page, I can only settle the auction and click to an FAQ. Right-clicking the image and saving produces an SVG, which I would then have to manually convert to a PNG.

Proposed Solution

Add a Download button on the auction page that downloads the lil noun as a PNG. This button should only be shown to the auction winner and should persist even if the auction is settled.


like this idea, its a clear use case where lil differ from big nouns

however think its fine to show the button to everyone, might be easier to implement too

I like this idea…just dealt with this.

great idea!
You may want to speak to lil Hab and Mr BrookG on discord, they are proposing a chat box and interaction on the bidding page. I think these ideas are under the same category with website improvement!

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Looks like this could be a useful starting point.

Would it be a button next to etherscan or a little download arrow over by the noun as a UX thing?

I agree with this idea minus gatekeeper the functionality to the auction winner. This is a CC0 project and anyone is free to use these assets in anyway they’d like. I think it would be cool for anyone to download a lil noun they like to be able to share it. Alternatively they can just screenshot and crop now so no point it gatekeeping this functionality

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do we have to vote on this or can we just implement.

another to do for you would be a what we did last week video. and random little things can go a long way “in the meantime” waiting on bigger projects. mundane to some is … see. the devs are doing stuff.

just noticed this being live on the site already


suggestions dont need votes / formal proposals but they do need people to do the work

This is a good add. :clap:

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