Agenda for Community Call 1

Here’s what the mods are currently thinking the conversation should be for our first community call scheduled for June 5 you can see the exact time for your timezone here

  1. discuss prop house (props people voted for etc) -
  2. DAO purchased a noun and is on course to purchase a second -
  3. Housekeeping
  • when to use discourse
  • tech diligence committee
  • what we mods can do to better the experience

what else could we add to the agenda?


This is good. Looking forward to it. Can we add these to the agenda as well:

  • How to get a proposal from idea to execution?
  • What are the current priorities of the DAO?
  • Brief introductions to the Lil Nounders and Mods

Are we planning anything for NFT NYC? or is that too early.

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@msg - Thanks for putting this together! :bowing_man:

  1. discuss prop house (props people voted for etc) -

For those new to the Lil Nouns community (and Nounish spaces in general), will folks be offering some resources for when and how to best use the prop house versus the DAO?

  • tech diligence committee

Would this refer to the cadence at which issues and pull requests on lilnounsDAO/lilnouns-monorepo are triaged, reviewed, and actioned on – or something else?