(Archive) Lil Sisters: Lil Nounish Potted Plants


Requesting for 3ETH to set up a Lil nounish pop up store; display and sale of Lil Nounish potted plants.

The objective and inspiration for this project is the idea of exploring ways to proliferate Lil Noun branding and to reach out to non-crypto native users via lifestyle items thus; Lil Nounish potted plants were born.

Using 3D printing technology, pots will be designed in a nounish way that not only represent the brand but looks fun and functional. Lil nounish potted plants serve as a initiation, as the main goal is to create a series of Lil Nounish lifestyle items.


  • Lil Nounish Pop-up Store (0.7ETH)
  • Pop-up Store Operation (0.3ETH)
  • Retro Funding (0.5ETH) + 1x Lil Noun
  • Production (1.5ETH)

ETH wallet address for funds: 0x698e1BE58D1eA7504b6A6Acb44e2F727C066d3A2

ETH wallet for 1x Lil Nouns:

1. Lil Nounish Pop-up Store.
To set up a pop-up store at prime shopping location (Maker’s Market @ Esplanade); to display and sale of Lil Nounish potted plants.
Duration: 3 days (Fri, Sat & Sunday)

2. Pop-up Store Operation
To manage operation, promote Lil Nounish potted plants and explain Lil Nouns DAO/Lil Sister to visitors.
Duration: 3 days (Fri, Sat & Sunday)

3. Retro Funding
Retro funding for conceptualizing Lil Nounish pot design
Please view below on what’s being conceptualized.
Requesting for 1x Lil Noun for sample printing.

Design A: Dual Pot

Design B: Full print

Design C: Cube

Design C: Pineapple

4. Production
Manufacturing of 3D Lil Nounish pots, sourcing of succulent plants as well as packaging. #3D material will be biodegradable.
Total inventory count: Est 100-150 pieces

Once funds are received:

  • Week 1: To secure location for Pop-up store with relevant party. Conceptualize Pop-up store outlook. Test print sample for all 4 pots design, rectify errors if any.
  • Week 2: Start manufacturing of all 4 pots design. Sourcing for succulent plants and packaging.
  • Week 3-4: Assemble of Lil Nounish potted plants. Product shot.
  • Week 5-4: Lil Nounish potted plants Pop-up store launch!

elle.elle#2046 on discord, if you’d like to DM and discuss more :slight_smile:

This proposal is also submitted under Lil Grants (3ETH), if both Lil grants and Lil sisters are passed, the pop up store will be extended over 2 weekends (6 days in total) + We will be donating 50 lil nounish potted plants to 5 different old folks home (10 lil nounish potted plants per old folks home).


Hi elle.elle,

I like this bridge between lifestyle products and creating interest amongst non-crypto native users.

Great designs! I particularly like the dual pot - I want one!

Would like to see the design of a tag or something like that to promote/ explain Lil Nouns DAO/ Lil Sisters in case you don’t get to talk to everyone, and for the ones in the old folks homes as visitors might be curious and have a look at a tag saying a bit more about it.

Looks great. Good luck with it!


Hi CoachJo,

Thanks for the support. Having a tag design incorporated with the pots might be a huge challenge, but what I have planned is to have packing designed to have lil nouns details on it, example a QR that bring people to lilnouns.wtf. A thank you note with lil nouns details will also be given with each pots.

Hi Elle,

I like your proposal and hope you get funded soon. However, I’m afraid the first-round funding by Lil sisters will support five proposals with 1 ETH.

Hi @KOME, thank you for the kind words and support.
I have actually submitted this proposal under prop.house round 6 instead, hoping to have your support there.

As a lady in this space, am super stoked that first round of Lil Sisters funding is LIVE! Saw the update and understand its 5ETH prize pool to fund 5 winner with 1ETH each, love that!

Will be submitting a prop which focus on eradicating period poverty in my home country Singapore. Hope to have your support there as well :heart:

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Count on me girl :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the support Queen :crown: @KOME