Atrium X Lil Nouns - Introduce a new cinematic storytelling world



We are proposing to commission Atrium creatives to create a cinematic 1:30-1:50min animated story introducing the World of Lil Nouns. Bring the expertise of veteran storytellers to the Lil Nouns ecosystem enabling us to create a foundational animated lore & proliferate the meme!

Wait, what is Atrium? is a crypto-native network of independent artists and creators. Disciplines represented on Atrium currently include Screenwriting, Animation, Concept Art, Voice Actors, and Music production. Together, creatives on Atrium bring experience from Pixar, Marvel, Luma Pictures, Sony, Netflix and many more.

Simply put, Atrium is a way to easily piece together veteran talent to produce cinematic content.

So … What is this animated Lore?

Lil Nouns are cc0 identities created every 15 mins. We want to create an engaging cinematic introduction to this world. One that reflects the original intent behind the emergence of Lil Nouns DAO, a story that shows who they are, what they have been up to, and a nod to future plans. A tale that leaves the audience curious, engaged, and wanting for more.

We believe this animation will serve as a foundation to build an expansive story-world on top of nouns cc0 IP. Where any noun could go beyond the core nouns audience and have a viewership across different communities native to crypto and beyond.

Check out something we have been cooking up for Nouns

Who are Atrium creators?

Atrium creators have been tugging on your heart strings over many years through some of the famous animated classics we have seen.

Process at Atrium

The entire process is a feedback loop. We would be creating a special channel on the Atrium discord server where Lil Nouners are welcome to join and follow along the milestones of the process.

We would love to have at least one Lil Nouns DAO founding members to engage in conversation so that the story stays loosely true to the canon if any.

  • The workflow starts with defining the script and dialogs (if any) for the story. This involves defining shot by shot verbatim descriptions of what is happening on screen. A good story is a great script in the first step.
  • After the script is done, we start to look for Voice actors who will help narrate / engage in dialog based on the script. If the script doesn’t have any dialogs and is mostly visually expressive we skip this step.
  • Now the fun part begins where you start to model the characters, the environment, the objects in the scene. Rigging a model is technically intensive process and better rigged models are more equipped for better emotions during a scene (more fluid and organic movements)
  • Once you have the 3d assets ready - you start the process of Look-Dev. Look development in CG means you start to give definition to the model through textures, lighting, colours etc. They start to come to life.
  • Animatic essentially lets you block out part by part of the story sequence with actual scene setup (the animation is not smooth and done yet but essentially simulates the storyboard).
  • Using the animatic, Sound design can start to happen.
  • We will review the animatic and invite feedback to the animatic via our communication channel.
  • Once the animatic is locked down, the final animation work begins. This is the most intensive and time consuming process and takes the bulk of the later half of the creation cycle.
  • After final animation is done - it is time for last visual effects, lighting passes, refinements before you start to map out the finished sound design artefacts as well as the dialogs.
  • And then the final Reveal of the output (examples shared above). Final Output to premiere both on Twitter as well as youtube.

We will be utilising the Story’s reach in terms of reshares / likes / social engagement as metrics for success.

Ask / Cost

All inclusive production cost is proposed to be 20 ETH. (Transferred to the Atrium upon execution)

Things covered included

  • Storyboarding, Scripting
  • Multiple character plotline (3d Modelling)
    • In 3d animation, cost ramps up as you animate more than one character in a scene + dialog work
  • Voice Over + Sound design
  • Animation
  • Final FX

Production Schedule

Post the proposal execution, we will look at a final production duration of about 6-8 weeks of the above process.

Team at Atrium

We will be coordinating the comms and logistics through out the whole process alongside 3dPrintGuy. Below are the team members involved:

Supriyo - Founder |
Anaroth - Head of Community
Bri Ferraro - Artist and Collector Relations
Lasharna - Head of Marketing

The Future

After the first story, based on the reception of the content launch and social signals, Atrium intends to come back with a plan to fund n (undecided number) number of new original Stories.

This will be Atrium’s take on creating an expanding anthology series centered around Lil Nounish lore where different creators from the Atrium ecosystem come together to build new characters with their backstories, lore and more.

This will be an interactive exercise where we will do a Casting call and participating creators / artists themselves make the decision on selecting casting call winners.

Closing this post :slight_smile: to find a different pathway of incorporating Lil Nouns in the stories.

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