CC0 Nounga song and build out Nounga

Tldr: Create a cc0 Nounga song and build out the Nounga and website in the lead up to a year of Nouns.

We’ve started developing this - take a listen to the chorus here: Nounga Chorus Demo - YouTube

We were supported by Nouns small grants to deliver the Nounga for the first 300 Nouns and the webpage (here is is: We’re asking for support to pioneer cc0 music, build out the fun and bring a new cultural element to the Nouns ecosystem.

Why Music?
Music is at the heart of all cultures. The Nouns are creating a new culture that is marked by a fun and playful vibe. So far, the culture is heavily visual, and we want to start layering in music as an important element in proliferating the Nouns. Think about the opening theme of the Olympics, the opening to a favorite TV Show, and the various jingles throughout the world that each culture knows in an instant. You know the who and the what in seconds. We think “The Nounga” song represents the fun and playful vibe of the Nouns, and results in one of the first responses we got when we released the Nounga on Twitter,

“Now, I’m going to have the Nounga in my head all day!”


As Nouns daily media develops (Nouns News, Nounsquare etc) we’ll need more music to support. On the Nounsquare, sounds play an important role, we think the Nounga could fit into the mix there, part of an intro or outro, maybe a Friday night signal for the weekend. The Nouniversary is upcoming. How will we celebrate across Twitter? The Nounga could play a fun and catchy role.

Leading the way with cc0 Music
Importantly, the song will be cc0. This will continue to allow the Nouns to blaze a trail with cc0 projects. No more licensing and use issues for a song. Play it behind any meme or project. We’d love to hear it anywhere there is nounishness. Perhaps it makes it to an IRL gathering at NFT NYC or London. This will open a path for more cc0 music in the Noun culture and beyond.

Keeping the fun going
So, along with the music we will complete the Nounga with every Noun up to the Nouniversary. We will animate the Nouns to dance to the song. This will create a website, animation, and song that can be used to celebrate the Nouniversary and well beyond.

How we’ll do it
The song will be created by SoundsofNounsGuy, with music and production from NateFox. We have a first draft of the chorus.

"Oh the Nounga
It’s growing lounga
Every Noun in the club tonight
Come join in on the Nounga line
Oh the Nounga
It’s getting strounga
Every Noun in the club tonight
Come join in on the Nounga lines "

We will be crowd sourcing some of the lyrics in twitter and the discord which will augment SoundsofNounsGuy’s rich stream of ideas, and start to proliferate the idea in the community. And the lyrics will of course include the Lil Nouns?

Website developments:

The song on the site
All Nouns up to the Nouniversary (that’s what we’re calling 1yr of Nouns right?) added to the Nounga.
New backgrounds: Nightclub, warm, and 1 more as voted by the community.
‘Play’ animation which has the Nouns moving in-time to the music as they scroll across the screen
Jawshua Fisher is creative consultant, and will be getting the song onto traditional digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.)

Timeline - ready for the 1 year Nouniversary.


Lyrics and Vocals: 0.55ETH + 1 LilNoun (SoundsofNounsGuy)
Music and production: 0.55ETH + 1 LilNoun (NateFox)
Placeing on Digital Service Platforms & Creative Consultancy: 0.1 ETH + 1 LilNoun (Jawshua Fisher)
Nounga and website developments + Project Direction and management: 0.75ETH + 1 LilNoun (Chris@NounProfiles)

Total: 1.95 ETH + 4 LilNouns

What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Oh the Nounga, It’s growing lounga

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This is a fun idea! My only question is will this be specifically Lil Nounish? Trying to evaluate if this makes more sense as a NounsDAO small grant over a Lil Grant.

Thanks! Lyrics will include the LilNouns, and thinking about it a couple of LilNounish additions

  1. The first 10 LilNouns joining the end of the Nounga line
  2. A LilNouns background - school disco maybe? as decided by the community.

We did put the idea to NounsDAO small grant, the feedback we got was that they didn’t see who would listen to the music. Our view is that there is lots of opportunities in the Nouns eco system for the use of music, and its music is key bit of cultures that is underexploited in Nouns and worth experimenting with, particularly as CC0.

Hoping Lil Grants thing it’s an experiment worth making.

This would be super fun! I just need to confirm we can do 4 lilnouns but I like it :slight_smile:


very cool and also to see what other things spring from stuff like this.

super fun. and spread among 4 people. NO BRAINAH.


Thanks @al409.eth and everyone. Very much looking forward to Lil’ing it up on the dancefloor!

Chris@NounProfiles - NounProfiles.eth 0x00b0Be47fB30cc2497A3EE4160f113f35C456c6F
Joshua Fisher - joshuafisher.eth / 0xBd7Dbab9AEb52D6c8d0E80fCeBdE3af4CC86204A
Nate Fox - 0xC36f41b8Da70aF447F6383a9E85287016e874bC7

waiting to hear back for SoundOfNounsGuy

If the Lils are do-able we’d love to be able to choose :grin: ⌐∣-⌐∣-⌐∣-⌐∣


hey @al409.eth
and finally
SoundOfNounsGuy - 0xdc6fA93381E5655fc33183cE14485540e089A20F

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Congrats on getting funded! Txn’s just went out.

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A M Azing! thanks @al409.eth and everyone involved in the decision! Delighted to be part of the community, and to be on the dance-floor with you all!

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im having fun with this. thanks!

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