Fork & Proposal for FILM3 ⌐◨-◨ HOLLYNOUNS ⌐◨-◨


One HOLLYNOUN every 90 minutes, forever - a CC0 fork of Nouns, inspired by Lil Nouns .


HOLLYNOUNS are just like Nouns but love all things movies, television, and new media. An expansion DAO, HOLLYNOUNS DAO works to create a new layer within the Nouns ecosystem; these HOLLYNOUNS are the home for web3 and film3 innovation, development, and funding. By expanding the ecosystem, HOLLYNOUS DAO aims to expose more people to Nouns and break down the problematic barriers filmmakers face.


There is a consistent veil of secrecy in filmmaking. A complete lack of transparency in knowledge, as well as funding sources, leads to the viewpoint that all resources are finite and sharing can harm yourself rather than uplift the shared creative community. The current operating procedures in filmmaking are the antithesis of a web3 world. HOLLYNOUNS seeks to change this. HOLLYNOUNS is a CCO fork of Nouns, inspired by Lil Nouns created to solve these two problems in the creative filmmaking space— 1) the lack of transparent working knowledge and open-source software, as well as 2) the lack of stable and consistent funding that is readily available.

Example of Problem 1 - lack of open-sourced software. If you want to write a script that is acceptable to industry standards, you simply can’t open a word processor and type away. You need to purchase an expensive, clunky legacy software that is around $200 bucks. Naturally, it disenfranchises those with less economic means, creating barriers to art.

Our Solution to Problem 1 - Build innovative open-sourced software funded and voted on via the HOLLYNOUNS DAO’s Treasury. Imagine a world where anyone can type the next great screenplay without having to come out of pocket. Once that software is created, the plan will be to pivot to the next trouble areas filmmakers face until we’ve addressed them.

Example of Problem 2 - lack of consistent funding sources. Every creative knows the pain in the ass that is fundraising to get a project off the ground. One usually needs to call thousands of people, plead to countless friends, and then cobble together the rest through business associates. It sucks.

Our Solution to Problem 2 - Not every film project needs to be in the NFT space, but all film projects can benefit from web3. Fifty percent (50%) of the HOLLYNOUNS DAO Treasury will be dedicated to funding films, shorts, television, new media, film3 startups.


This is our v01 of our proposed details. They may be modified until the team locks in fully the mission.

  • HOLLYNOUS artwork is in the public domain.
  • One HOLLYNOUN is born and trustlessly auctioned every 90 minutes (the typical runtime of an independent film), forever.
  • 100% of HOLLYNOUNS auctions proceeds are trustlessly sent to the HOLLYNOUNS treasury.
  • Settlement of one auction kicks off the next.
  • All HOLLYNOUNS are members of HOLLYNOUNS DAO.
  • HOLLYNOUNS DAO uses Nouns DAO’s fork of Compound Governance.
  • One HOLLYNOUN is equal to one vote.
  • The treasury is controlled exclusively by HOLLYNOUNS DAO via governance.
  • Artwork is generative and stored directly on-chain (not IPFS).
  • No explicit rules exist for attribute scarcity; all HOLLYNOUNS are equally rare.
  • HOLLYNOUNers receive rewards in the form of HOLLYNOUNS (10% of supply for the first 10 years).
  • HOLLYNOUNseeders (those who financially seeded the project) will receive a reward in the form of one HOLLYNOUN (from the HOLLYNOUNers rewards).
  • Lil Nouns receive rewards in the form of HOLLYNOUNS (10% of supply for the first 10 years).


Cost to cover Contract Fork and Deployment (guesstimate of 5 ETH or less)


I am an executive producer of feature films and other projects.

I believe in cinema and think great independent films go beyond technique. A great one results from a cultivated connection between the artists and their work, under a controlled budget. Everyone has a story to tell, and my goal is to champion the filmmakers I work with throughout their journey.

I also think every human has their own superpowers, mine are— networking, vision-sharing, team building, and executing from concept to completion.


Fill out this airtable - LINK

this sounds cool. Will you be forking the contract and/or designing the onchain assets or are you expecting the 5 eth request will go to people who will OR is the 5eth just the deploy to main net costs?

I like where your mind is at trying to solve problems in the filmmaking business, but I’m not sure creating another Nouns DAO to build software & fund films is the right move for Lil Nouns DAO.


My goal is to replicate the lil nouns contract deployment and design a few new traits. So the costs associated are just the deployment of the contract really. I’m not the best developer so I would hope to collaborate with someone more proficient to execute this part.

Thanks for the question. Ultimately the goal is to tear down barriers that creative face!

Hey 404sigh, thanks for the comment. Its a big problem, definitely worth solving.

I haven’t seen any clear mission yet on the Lil Nouns DAO for funding projects so I figured I’d pitch them. I’m curious, what do you envision the Lil Nouns DAO to fund?

Non Nouns derivative works (respectfully)

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As for this proposal, the idea to “Build innovative open-sourced software funded and voted on via the HOLLYNOUNS DAO’s Treasury” is a feat in itself. It’s fun to throw around words like “innovative” and “open-sourced software,” but as a dev & founder myself, this is not an easy 3-6 month side project.

As for what the Lil Nouns DAO funds, I’m not sure yet. But I think there’s a better use for funds than to create a Sub-Nouns DAO using another Sub-Nouns DAO’s treasury.

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Hey Sneakerdad. That’s perfect, my idea would launch 1000s of new films that are (non-nouns derivative). So it’s truly the best of both worlds.

However the Lil Nouns Proposals Info Page says:

Lil Nouns is a fork of nounsDAO and in that, is too an open standard for generative art. Because all artwork was released under the public domain and the code is open source, artists and developers are free to build use Lil Nouns in any way they want. Like Nouns, Lil Nouns is just as much yours as it is ours.

Better yet, since 100% of the proceeds from the daily auctions go to the Lil Nouns DAO, the treasury is ready to fund projects that help proliferate Nouns onto the world through Lil Nouns.

This is an open invitation to artists and developers to build on Lil Nouns - we’d like to fund you!

Project requirements

  • Must further the proliferation of Lil Nouns onto the world
  • Contributions must be open source where possible

So this project matches that mission perfectly.

Hey 404.

Totally get where your coming from.

Never said it was gonna be easy.

The goal is to not solve the problem in 6 months but to create a place where film3 has a home for the long term. This project will be many many years.

We just need a push to start the process rolling.

PS I’m not throwing around hollow words. I’m actually fighting a crusade to tear down the barriers to entry for art. If you have real critiques feel free to share them rather than rain on peoples parades that are trying to uplift cause you can’t see nor understand the big picture.

Web3 is for all of us. Not the gatekeepers who think a task might be hard.