I`m Gonna Walk & Hitchhike 3000KM IRL with lil nouns

Gm, My project is called ROADMAP.
**Im gonna hitchhike in Armenia, Georgia, and Turkey ** Lets write the longest story on the blockchain.

I love to visit small cities and villages and Talk about NFTs with People from New Circles.

Project Overview

My name is Dariush! I`m a web 3.0 Creator and adventurer. So I have to do this!

Im a photographer/art director with good skills in videography and video editing, Im also passionate about hosting and producing youtube shows! I`ve been busy onboarding many people to web 3.0 in the past 18 months!

I live in a village in the wood now for 3 years & Im well experienced in extreme traveling! Ive traveled 2300 km on a solo bicycle trip and 6000 km on my van when NFTs weren`t around, and this time I wanna walk the world with NFTs and bring the community with me on this journey!


I`m going to visit people in different places and listen to their stories, live with their culture and bring the best and the worst of today’s history and culture to the blockchain, And also talk to them about crypto and web 3.0 and help them to onboard just like what I did in OG clubhouse rooms in 2021.

People Always communicate with tourists, most of them wanna know about your journey and some of them always ask … How can you afford to travel!?

                            **This time the answer is NFTs! **

What a good open conversation!

Beside Visiting places and people …
I love to visit Web 3.0 people along the road, as many as I can!
I love to interview them and collaborate with them to create a new piece.
Based on my Foundation history, I love collaborations and I made 7 of them last year.

And the community is invited to follow the journey on IG, Twitter, Youtube, Discord, and the blockchain

I`m gonna Create

    • Daily Stories Along the road on IG and Twitter
    • Weekly Youtube Vlogs & Live Streams,
      Please check and subscribe to my channel Youtube/0xdariush
    • Twitter Spaces Along the road And Interviews with Artists IRL.

And On the web 3.0 side of the story,
I`m going to write the longest story on the Blockchain, Live!
Nobody knows what the next chapter is!


OG 100 Token For believers who love to support the journey on ERC1155
OpenEdition Free mint on ERC 1155( Limited time, 12-24 hours for ex…)
limited edition 10/10 airdrop for OG Owners

Weekly 1/1 Auctions ( The winner can choose the next destination within 50 Km or an adventure )

So in general it`s a cultural free mint project.


I need 4-5 ETH And I’m going to spend it on the list below

Rent of my current studio While I`m away
adding 1-2 people to manage Discord and other things when I’m on road with no access to the net
A DJI mini2 Drone and Macbook 13inch for editing YouTube videos on the road
Some camping Stuff
Travel and adventure, Insurance
and Gas fees for dropping almost every day.



I`m trying to tell a story and write it on the blockchain, Trying to onboard new people and gift NFT to many people, meanwhile, I wear Nouns on my T-shirt along the Road and talk about how it helps me achieve this goal and the whole concept of it. I can also order Sunglasses with nouns identity and get pictures of people wearing them in different cities.

I mean, Why Not Fam?!

Current Progress

My backpack is ready, the only missing parts are what I listed above.
We are almost with branding and we are working on a generative piece as a memorial for FX hash
I have a doctor’s appointment in 2 weeks and I’ll hit the road after that.

High-Level Plan

In general, I don`t wanna rely on Primary sales to make this journey happen, But I love to travel more than this 3000 Km, This can be Q1 of it and di already have the next destination on my mind. So I love to travel for a year and make it more historic and write everything on the blockchain.

I believe this is going to be Epic and in long term, I love people to remind it as a free project that is raised organically, because it was the first of its kind. I believe people start to use this method after my journey which is beautiful.


3000 Km
Starts in august
Ends in October 2022

Further Information
I Believe Im good at what I'm about to do and I can travel in Extreme ways. So lets make some history together.

Feel free to check my Other NFT drops, artwork, Deca, Youtube, and social media.


Thank you for your time.

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hey @0xDariush,

quite the journey you have ahead of you, i love the idea.

besides you wearing the t-shirt, giving away sunglasses and talking on how the lil nouns enabled you going on this journey, how else are you going to proliferate the nounish culture?

considering the budget and your proposed spending; i would like to see it being utilised different. less on personal expenses and more towards facilitating spreading the essence of lil nouns.

here a few questions of mine:

  • is there an option to sub-rent your studio while you’re away?
  • what managing of discord are we talking about here?
  • do you have mockups of the sunglasses and tokens you are planning on giving away? would love to see some prior designs here.

also, i do think that most people won’t know what NFTs are - they’ll be confused and thus the likelihood of them having questions in the first place is quite low. imo, a more proactive approach would elevate the engagement between you and the people.


Hey @bkraaus

Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal

we have to notice that I stay at every place for a short time, and based on that I have a short time with every individual, thats why Branded items like my T-shirt and the sunglasses are the first time people meet up with Lil nouns. And just to be clear I wont giveaway sunglasses, I`ll make one and take pictures of people wearing it along the road, so at the end of the journey, we are going to have a good collection.

Deep Conversations happen on Campside or Hostel nights, I believe the fact of How DAOs & Lil nouns ecosystem works and how it actually helps this journey or any other brilliant idea to become real, is the best understandable statement for random people.

In general, between 10-15% goes to personal expenses which directly gives me the calm mind to focus on the experience and create better Content.

About The Studio, Sub-renting is not allowed on my contract, and I believe the Q1 will take 3 months at Top, My Studio is in a village in the woods and its a big one full of stuff, the rent is so fair and its so safe.

The discord part also is not expensive, I just use help and I love to respect that.

Most part of the fund Goes to the equipment which leads to high-Quality Content.
Without Laptop, its impossible to edit videos on the road. I am going to all these places, and it is a loss to dont have a drone to capture some stunning shots.
And daily Gas fees of course.

The Tokens are part of that specific day, They are mostly photos and videos created on that day.
I don`t have any Glasses at the moment but I have friends in the Industry that can design a Wooden one for me, We can also use 3D prints.

We Designed some themes for presenting the pieces, But I believe I will mint them Raw with no framing on the blockchain!

In the end, I believe people have mostly been confused about NFTs.They usually are opposite and have tons of Questions but they are afraid to ask. also, believe roads are a different place and people are more open to talking on journeys

Im open to any questions, I appreciate your feedback and love to keep it going It helps me to develop the idea since Im very close to hitting the road.

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Thanks for your votes everyone, Feel free to ask me anything


Sorry for the delay on this my fren. The lil funding committee has decided to not fund this but I wish you the best of luck on your adventure!

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No worries Fam
I won nouns DAO grant for this proposal!
And we are on it :metal:t6:

Keep up the great work you all

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