Launch products that generate revenue/profits

Hoping to generate a discussion and brainstorm with this thread.

Why do we need revenue?

  • right now we only have one source of revenue, which comes from our lilnoun auction
  • additional revenue streams should drive greater interest in acquiring a lilnoun since the treasury will be growing at a faster rate and you’ll need a lilnoun if you really want to be a part of the fun
  • lilnoun products that are in demand will drive more awareness and positive sentiment for the lilnoun brand than just marketing efforts alone

What product ideas do you all have where a portion of the revenue or profits could be sent back to the treasury? These product could be digital or physical. Literally any idea is fair game!

thinking. too early to push, and in my heads nouns are an idea. ill come back later. anything on your end?

could we start with suggesting a framework for proposals that asks each proposal, how they intend to sort of ‘give back’ to the treasury?

or would that add so many expectations it will be difficult to maintain?

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tbf, we are too early to push. heavy focus should be given to:

  • strengthening the DAO and the way it functions
  • proliferating the meme

at this point the nly way that makes any sense is selling back into our captive audience. Exploring every time we do something where an “item” is used. make note if it is well received etc etc. like many lil prototypes.

Having revenue from the sale of lil nouns is awesome at this early stage. Definitely agree that focusing on things that build the DAO culture and grow the meme are a good area.

Question - what kind of products could be made that distinguish lil nouns from nouns?

A “nouns as kids” narrative was being mentioned a few times. That could be a starting point.

Products that push that narrative.