Lil Grants request - NFT exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal


I’d love to present an upcoming project in Lisbon, 11.-17.12.2023 (possibly extended for another week), which we are looking for funding for.

Our DAO muti is based in Portugal and is also a cultural association. We’ve organized several events up until now and always blend the digital with the physical, experiment with NFT use cases and work with various artists that we onboard into the world of web3.

For December we are planning an extensive and immersive exhibition of digital and physical NFTs in the Estufa Fria (green house) in Lisbon, with an expected 3000 physical visitors during one week. The event will also have a digital equivalent in the Metaverse and we’re partnering up with Artsies collective, which is supporting and working with global digital artists.

We will be showcasing artists who work with the theme of nature and will also have 2 days with workshops and talks from projects that use new technologies for environmental causes (refi, token-land distribution, physical communities).

General infos/Numbers:

  • 11.-17.12.23 Estufa Fria (Green House), Lisbon, Portugal
  • Combine art, tech & environmental causes
  • Exhibition + workshops/talks
  • 20+ physical NFTs incl AI flower
  • 70+ international digital artists
  • 3000 physical visitors
  • Opening for collectors & afterparty to connect and promote projects


  • To showcase the positive impact of new technologies and introduce valuable projects that work in the intersection of tech & nature to a broad public. This also is aligned with the Lisbon 2023 goals of working towards a technological & sustainable capital.
  • Lisbon has become renowned for its vital and active web3 and business landscape, hosting websummit a multitude of other web3 conferences and generally attracting new tech businesses. It is a fertile ground for new projects to grow, connect and develop partnerships.

Currently we are looking for partners and sponsors who would like to support this financially in exchange for visibility on all promotional materials (printed & digitally), website, afterparty as well as during the talks at the event.

We do have flexible sponsoring tiers and we’re more than happy to send a deck with more info if of interest.

Looking forward hearing if this resonates!


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This location in Lisbon is amazing, people should look at photos of it to understand it!

And I think this proposal is totally the lil nouns vibe!

Let’s go!

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