Lil Moods - Facial expressions for every head trait

What is your project in 100 characters or less

13 different facial expressions for every head trait available in Figma file and on github.

What’s the biggest way this will benefit Lil Nouns DAO?

Great builders resource, stickers for example have already been mentioned:

What stage is the project in it’s lifecycle?

Done (Requesting retroactive funding)

What have you done so far? (if applicable, provide a link to a working demo)

Github - GitHub - lilnoun1112/lilnounmoods: 320x320 .svg and .png files to be used in case you want to build with facial expressions for lil nouns.
Traits page, or see ‘A Lil Noun!’ component - Lil Noun Asset Library | Figma Community

Who is the team delivering this project?

Just me.

How much ETH are you asking for? Provide a cost breakdown.

1 eth, to cover the unfortunately huge amount of time I ended up spending on this :grin:

Will you require additional funding after this?

Not for this project.

Have you received/requested funding for this idea elsewhere?



gm 1112

Huge fan of your work my fren! My only question: is there a tool to us to put all of these facial expressions on our own lil nouns? Or is this just a repo of assets someone could build said tool with?

hey hey

first of all thank you!
and to answer: in figma the assets are set up in a way (using components with variants nested in components just to throw some lingo around) that you can just choose traits and the matching mood from a dropdown. The in file tutorial covers this and a video tutorial is coming this week too.
From there you can export in any image format so no need to be a dev or a designer to be able get a lil moody noun!