Lil Noun onboarding video series in SPANISH!

I am a Spanish speaking Latina, Lil Noun holder and builder with strong proof of work looking to grow the Latino community through onboarding videos in Spanish!

Hi friends, I’m Angieluxd! I’m a 2D / 3D artist and love building in the Nouns ecosystem. Some of you may know me from my props on More about me can be found here: Angieluxd - About

Past props in won:

:globe_with_meridians: Lil Nouns in Spanish (WEBSITE)!

:globe_with_meridians: UMA GIFs :eyes:

My Proposal:

• Creation of 5 Lil Noun onboarding videos in Spanish to help onboard the Latino/Hispanic community.

Videos will break down as follows:

  1. ¿Qué es un Lil Noun?? (What is a Lil Noun?)

  2. ¿Qué es una DAO, y cómo uso mi Lil Noun para votar? (What is a DAO, and how do I use my Lil Nouh to vote?

  3. ¿Cómo consigo un Lil Noun? (How do I get a Lil Noun?)

  4. ¿Cómo hago crecer a los Lil Nouns? (How do I help Lil Nouns grow?)

  5. ¿Cómo creo y subo una propuesta? (How do I write and submit a proposal?)

• Video Production

  1. The videos will be explainer type videos with 2D motion graphics and a voice over narration in Spanish.

  2. The graphics will be created in Adobe Illustrator and the videos will be animated in Adobe After Effects.

  3. The videos will be about 25-35 seconds in length.

• Distribution

  1. The videos will be hosted on , the website I created as part of my #535 :globe_with_meridians: Lil Nouns in Spanish (WEBSITE)!

  2. I will share the videos on Twitter with my Latino/Hispanic community followers.

  3. I will be participating in Spanish Spaces to help showcase the videos and onboard/orient Spanish speaking newcomers.


1 ETH per video

Total: 5 ETH

Creation of the video series will require a large amount of work. I am very experienced in After Effects and Illustrator, and believe that 1 ETH would be an appropriate compensation for the amount of work needed per video.


1 Month flat.

I will create all the video series with 1 month flat of been green lit.

Ideally, I will create one video per week, however, I will be working on this full time and plan on kicking ass and creating them even sooner.

As the video series is created, I will also engage in promotion of the videos weekly, from the moment the first video is released.

Proof of work:

I recently created a short, 20 second spot for promotion of completion of my #535 :globe_with_meridians: Lil Nouns in Spanish (WEBSITE)!.

The video was loved by the entire Nouns community and received the following accolades:

  1. Tweeted by the official Prop.House twitter

  2. Retweed by NounsDAO Brazil

Why is it essential to create video content in Spanish?

The truth is, as a Latina Spanish speaker, there is a lack of information in Spanish regarding Nouns. The amount of videos in Spanish is ZERO!

A video series in Spanish is essential because it will help the Spanish speaking community UNDERSTAND the ecosystem of Lil Nouns.

Videos and visual aids are MUCH STRONGER in helping people understand instead of reading through a large amount of text.

The video series will be a key part to help the entire Latino / Hispanic community understand and join the Lil Nouns community.

Thank you so much for the consideration and opportunity.

Please reach out with any questions. I am on the Discord, and can chat on DMs over on Twitter.

Really hope we can make this happen and help out my fellow Latinos!

no time now, but going to dig in. super exciting to see the nouns branch to a true global spread.

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Would you be willing to do a pilot of the first episode for 1 eth?

this is a newly formed prop house item IMO we should wait for that role out here

Of course Al, I already began working on the first episode and will have it completed soon! 1 eth for the first episode is perfectly fair. Looking forward to delivering a fantastic video.

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That would be great! Super excited to see what you come up with :slight_smile:

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