Lil Nouns Birthday Brand Campaign

Hey everyone!

My name is Brennen Schlueter. Long Lil Nouner, first-time proposer. My background is in advertising, with over a decade of building brand campaigns for Nike, Jordan, Robinhood, Amazon Music, and more. Most recently I was Head of Marketing for RabbitHole where bflynn and I would constantly talk about Lil Nouns. I also co-founded a community of world-class marketers interested in web3 called JUMP. I am writing this proposal on behalf of a small and nimble team built out of JUMP. We’re testing this approach as a “Seal Team Six” of great marketing ideas for a decentralized community.

Lil Nouns was the obvious first place I wanted to help.
I’m here to propose the start of a brand campaign to bring Lil Nouns in front of new people.

The Challenge:

Lil Nouns has an awareness issue. We want people to have an emotional appeal to this community. Yet people don’t understand the mechanics of Lil Nouns: every fifteen minutes a Lil Lil Noun is born. Nor do they understand the benefits: of becoming an owner of a growing ecosystem. Current proposals are doing a great job at ironing out the UX on Lil Lil Noun app, we want to help broaden the audience to experience all the great things being built.

Our Goals

  1. PR Headlines
  2. Increase in active community members
  3. Increase in conversation about Lil Nouns.

Our Approach

A campaign that centers around light-hearted and fun ways to deliver the core messages of:

  • A Lil Noun is born every 15 minutes
  • Becoming an owner of a Lil Noun is becoming an owner of Lil Lil Noun ecosystem.
  • How can we speak about these things in a unique way that only Lil Nouns can?

The Idea

Every fifteen minutes a new Noun is born. Currently, these poor Lil Nouns are brought into the world with little fanfare. But this is a huge moment. But it’s more than a moment, it’s a birthday. A birthday every 15 minutes. And to celebrate these birthdays in more attention-grabbing ways, let’s treat them like real birthdays.

We want Lil Nouns to start to occupy the idea of a constant birthday party.

How do real people celebrate birthdays right now? By sending Cameos.

  • Using Cameo, we will get celebrities to wish the newborn Lil Nouns a happy birthday on video. They will be funny, authentic, and probably pretty weird seeing that we’re wishing a number a happy birthday. (Paging Elon Musk). Each celebrity will have a different natural reaction and combined with every Lil Nouns unique traits, the videos will be one of a kind.

Along with this idea, we would also create a unique design language for this Lil Nouns birthday content.

The Team

Myself- project lead
Peter Neils- copywriter/creative direction. Peter has experience building award-winning campaigns with Apple, Google, Dapper Labs, and RabbitHole.
TBD- Content Designer. To make this campaign stand out, we will be developing bespoke designs in a Lil Noun birthday theme.
TBD- PR professional. I already have a few people I’m in contact with. This role will seed the campaign to press outlets to amplify the campaign beyond our current audience.
We’re tapping into our JUMP community to brief and find the right talent for this project.


  • This week- Finish and post-proposal presentation into #proposal-ideas

  • Next week- Move proposal on chain

  • Two weeks after passed on chain proposal- deliver Cameo assets and design assets to begin posting on a pre-determined Lil Noun

  • Three weeks after passing on-chain proposal- come back with additional ideas to extend the campaign further.

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