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Project Overview

I am looking to make a fork of for Lil Nouns


I am asking for 1k USD (price in USD to account for USD expenses) to do this. We can either do direct conversion at time of prop execution or say 1 USD ~= 1 ETH. Whatever is easiest.

Budget breakdown:


  • Domain registration (~$20 for 1 year)
  • AddressForm subscription
    • This is a service that currently powers all the user generated content on (disclosure: I built this service)
    • Cost for 1 year subscription: $600
  • Remainder of funding is to compensate me for my time

Why has proven to be a valuable asset to the Nouns community thus it makes sense to have something similar for Lil Nouns.

In short, is Nounish, thus will be Nounish.

Current Progress

None yet.

High-Level Plan

This should be a fairly straightforward project overall.

  1. Fork
  2. Fill in new information, leaning on work already done by existing Lil Nouners
  3. Publish MVP website for community feedback
  4. Transfer ownership to a longer term maintainer

One thing to clarify in terms of scope: I see my primary contribution here to be setting up the website and doing a first pass of filling out the information but I don’t see my role as doing an exhaustive 1:1 port of all the information in to Lil Nouns. My goal is to create a solid MVP that creates immediate value for the community and lays the technical foundation for future contributions and then hand off day to day ownership / maintenance of this to someone more active in the Lil Nouns community (any thoughts on who this should be?).


This should take 1-2 weeks.

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Can we just call your comp 1 eth? unless it goes under $1000

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Question: are you in contact with the team gathering the content portion of this? Are you all good to collaborate?

1 ETH if it’s > 1k USD is fine with me.

I am only very lightly in contact with that team, although I got the impression they’d be open to collaboration. Any intros you / someone more plugged into the Lil Nouns ecosystem would be helpful.

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Congrats on getting funded! Txn’s just went out.

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