Lil Sisters: FIVE 30-60 Sec MUSICAL PIECES free to use in Lil Nouns/Sisters community spaces etc

Grant of 1 ETH to produce five musical pieces free to be used by the noun community in spaces etc

I’m grl, I’ve made music for a lot of people and projects so far in the Web3 space like Loser Club, MV3, my friends over at the Outsider Collective, Smilesss and more :slight_smile:

Twitter: @grlkrash

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I think we need it! Please, just detail a little bit more your proposal.


hey, this sounds cool! would love to know a bit more, like are these short pieces that are more like intro and outro music for spaces or podcasts, or longer form…? what genre, style, etc, thoughts do you have and how this fits the nounish brand? can you link to some of your socials and samples of the pieces you’ve made for other communities? these are just ideas of some detail you can add for us to find out more. thanks for your interest!


Can you add a couple links to your music? love this idea just want to flush out the prop a bit more.

How long would each piece be?

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Hi!! I see a lot of people are interested to know more about me and the project.

I’m GRL, I’m a multi-hyphenate artist and musician. I’ve been producing music for the past 8 years and professionally for the past 3. I got into Web3 last year and since then I’ve made music for various Web3 projects and communities like Loser Club, Smilesss and MV3 and founded two art collectives (The Outsider Collective, Prism Collective).

My proposal:

I will produce a few 30-60 second pieces of original music that would be great for use as intro/outro music for spaces, podcasts, short videos etc. [CCO] in exchange for 1 ETH.

I am thinking the style of the pieces will be in the indie pop/d&b genre and some hip-hop. This fits the noonish brand in terms of acceesbilty for everyone!

Samples of my work:

Loser Club Mixtape

Tracks: Moon (Additional Vocals), NFT NYC (Production), Sweep (Production)

Tracks: Trust Issues (Co-Production, Additional Vocals)

Socials: @grlkrash (more links in Bio)

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Did this ever come to fruition?