Lil Sisters: Hire an external DEI consultant


Requesting for 3ETH + 1 Lil Nouns NFT to hire a DEI consultant to undertake DEI audit of Lil Nouns, host a focus group & provide strategic recommendations on how to diversify the Lil Noun community.

The objective of this project is to hire an external DEI consultant (myself) to consult with the Lil Nouns & Lil Sister team and to help you establish a shared understanding of where we are, who we are, and where we all want to go and become.

The lead consultant, Paff Evara (me!), is an experienced DEI expert turned web3 founder. Paff is a Black, queer and neurodivergent marketer who can help provide insights from those communities to Lil Nouns on ways to make the community more inclusive and accessible. Working closely with the Lil Nouns DAO leaders, Paff can then provide strategic recommendations for the DAO to implement across social media, discord, discourse etc. This takes into consideration the customer journey and all relevant touchpoints.

We all are unique, with different stories and lived experiences. When we talk about inclusion, there needs to be intention. This only comes from meeting with, speaking to, and understanding a wider variety of people and their lived experiences. Only then can we implement those insights and ensure we are truly building a Web3 that is built with everyone in mind. If we fail to do this, we exclude, alienate and miss out on these people who could become community members, users or evangelists.


From the creators of Take Up Space [an NFT membership community for diverse leaders] Make Space is the 1st Web3 DEI Consultancy, on a mission to create a diverse, equitable and accessible Web3 for all.

Make Space is a global collective of diverse consumers representing many communities such as LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, neurodivergent, disabled and more. Make Space works directly with founders, builders and creators who are wanting to build their project, community or protocol for ALL.


  • DEI Consultancy Fee [Includes audit, 2 hour workshop, 2 x 1 hour consultancy sessions] - 2 ETH
  • Focus Group [including payment for 10 gender diverse individuals to provide insights] - 1 ETH

ETH wallet address for funds: 0xcB25BF20256b54B3797128d49b6808439b61b0A3

ETH wallet for 1x Lil Nouns:

gm Paff,

Would you be willing to give a presentation on the services you are suggesting you would bring to Lil Sisters and the DAO?

I think I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this as we are building our entire framework around being the accessible DAO. We are a group of builders and community members who can join at a much more affordable price point than Nouns DAO and we do not ask anybody who they are or anything about themselves. We are all anonymous names with cute Lil Noun’s as their profile pictures, and we are all judged based on our words and our actions.

I am struggling to understand how this is a service the lil sisters should be funding and how it brings additional value to the initiatives around inclusion we are already pushing for today. Lil Sisters is a fund that is primarily focused around funding women and nonbinary builders in the space, which we have identified as an underrepresented group within web3 and the Nouniverse.

It feels like a large overhead cost that is already in line with exactly what we are trying to do today. I think the lil sisters should push to get these funds in the hands of women and non binary builders trying to build value and products to Lil Nouns DAO and the Nouniverse as a whole.


Hi there Paff,
I am also having trouble understanding how someone who has just joined the community, hasn’t had much interaction, seems to have solutions to problems we might not even have.
Also, 3 ETH is a lot of money considering our budget, and I cannot understand why we should pay you 1 lil noun. If you could try to explain to the community why we should pay you a lil noun when you could easily buy from your earnings, I would appreciate.
It would be great to see you talk to our community, be active on discord and twitter, so we can know who you are and how you could contribute, before asking for money.


Hi @al409.eth @thebeautyandthepunk will reply to both of your queries in this comment for ease.

First I want to clarify that I was requested to submit this proposal by Pxl, who I believe is a mulit-sig for the newly instated Lil Sisters. It wasn’t a case of waltzing in to “ask for money”, I was suggested to do so.


  • If there is some traction on this proposal I’d be happy to provide a presentation to outline these services further
  • You mention “we don’t ask anything about themselves and we are all anonymous” and in another you reference how Lil Sisters is focused on funding women and non-binary builders in web3. To reach and onboard those women and non-binary builders, you will need to adapt your marketing and messaging accordingly. This takes intention and insight. If Lil Sisters is leading with identity-first, you need to understand those communities to attract, not alienate them.
  • Some of the Lil Sisters themselves have expressed a wanting for this exact service to ensure they are in fact being as accessible as possible. Building with diversity and inclusion from the outset is a lot easier than doing it retroactively. That’s why DEI advisors are useful.


  • As mentioned, I am new to the community but I’m not new to DEI, advising and marketing. If this went ahead, I’d work closely with your leadership team and community to design a bespoke strategy and recommendations based on the findings.
  • I was recommended to request 1 Lil Nouns as part of the proposal
  • Rest of your queries have been addressed above

All this to say - if this isn’t viable or wanted by the larger community here, that’s absolutely fine. I was operating and submitted this proposal from the information provided to me.