Lil Sisters: Night Out To A Broadway Show for Middle School Students

Hello! I teach Pre-K at a Title 1 campus in Houston, TX. Our school services students in grades PreK- 8th grade and we are a performing and visual arts magnet school. Although I teach our youngest scholars, I also serve as the coordinator / group leader of the Washington, D.C. & New York Experiential Learning Trip for our middle school scholars during the summer.

I am a firm believer that exposure is key. How can we be what we do not see? I would like to take a group of young ladies to see a Broadway musical (Ain’t Misbehavin). Many of our students are very talented artists, but come from low-income homes and cannot afford these luxuries in life. I am requesting 1 ETH to cover tickets for the maximum number of students that it will provide. I would like to take 10-15 students. There is a restaurant located in the Hobby Center, so I would like to use the remainder of the funds to treat them to a nice dinner before the show.

I am very new to the Lil Nouns community, and I know many of them are unaware. I would like to set up a meeting with the group of attendees and a member of the Lil Nouns community to educate us about Web3 in general and the Lil Nouns community specifically.

Amount Requested: 1 ETH

Ticket price range: 65.00-135.00

Event Date October 1, 2022

Event Details: A hot new production by Theatre Under The Stars of this Tony-Award-winning musical celebrating the music of Fats Waller and the music of the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s and 30s. Rousing, heartfelt, and bursting with the wit and energy of one of the most innovative periods in American music, it’s one of the very best ever.