Lil Sisters: Nounify The Flow

What is your project in 100 characters or less

Nounify The Flow - In collaboration with local non-profit organization Go With The Flow that aims to bridge gaps in access to menstrual healthcare for low-income families in Singapore. To eradicate period poverty!

What’s the biggest way this will benefit Lil Nouns DAO?

4,000 sanitary pads, consisting of a mixture of Day and Night, Normal to Very Heavy flow will be donated in the name of Lil Nouns DAO by the works of Lil Sister. Donation in itself is Nounish! Such huge donation would also invoke curiosity and conversation on what is Lil Nouns DAO and what is Lil Sister.

What stage is the project in it’s lifecycle?

  • Proposal stage

What have you done so far?

  • Source for sanitary pad supply
  • Am also in contact with Go With The Flow, discussing on a fundraiser in collaboration with Lil Nouns DAO

Key Deliverables

  • Donate at least 4,000 sanitary pads to Go With The Flow in support of eradicating period poverty
  • Create and produce 80-100 Lil Nouns x Go With The Flow Tote bags, to be sold during fundraiser


  1. Upon fund received, order will be place for 4,000 sanitary pads (Lead Time = Approx. 1 Week)
  2. Upon receiving all 4,000 sanitary pads, delivery will be arrange to send them over to Go With The Flow donation box/warehouse
  3. Design Lil Nouns x Go With The Flow Tote Bags - Done in parrel with (1)
  4. Once design is firm, Tote bag will be put in production (Lead Time = Approx. 2 Weeks)
  5. Fundraiser date to be set base on Tote Bags ETA date
  6. Fundraiser publicity to be put out on Go With The Flow and Nounsinsg social media page
  7. Commence fundraiser. 100% proceed will be use to fund Go With The Flow logistic, spread more awareness through publicity, organize donation drive, place more donation box around the island and many more.

Who is the team delivering this project?

Project lead: Elle | Female 3D designer, in works to build Nounish lifestyle items | Believe in equal right to menstrual health care
Support: Wideeyekarl: Building Nounsinsg

What experience qualifies you to deliver on this project?

IRL I am a product designer as well as a project lead. The skillsets I have from those role would allow me to execute the task required for this proposal without hiccups.

How much ETH are you asking for? Provide a cost breakdown.

1ETH - Lil Sister First Funding Round

Description Qty Ask
Sanitary Pad Donation
- Day Pad
- Night Pad
4000 1080 0.72
Logistic 1 120 0.08
Organize a Fundraiser 1 300 0.2
Total 1500 1

#ETH = USD1,500 (Factor in flucuation)

Will you require additional funding after this?

  • No

Have you received/requested funding for this idea elsewhere?

  • No
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I liked your idea!
Just wondering about the Tote bag costs. Who is paying for that?

I love the amount of thought and detail in the proposal, and how you are partnering with an established group to make this happen. I agree I’d love to see more detail on the tote bags. would there be a chance to make small zipper bags that could be used for transporting period supplies? this might give more exposure to the brand, in a monthly way, rather than a tote that may or may not be used over time…? just an idea! love your approach and thanks for the proposal.

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Hi @KOME and @pxlmnml thank you for taking time to read my prop.

The Tote bag cost will fall under “Organize a Fundraiser - 0.2ETH / USD300”
As I’m in the manufacturing line of business (3D product design and manufacturing); I have connections who are able to allow me to manufacture Tote bags near to cost. Factoring shipping with a budget of USD300 I should be able to produce 80-100 Tote bags.

For sure! As a lady myself, I understand the need of having period supplies with me when it’s the time of the month. The Tota bag will come with zipper + inner pouch so us ladies will be able to have our period supplies stored nicely and separated.

As to how are we partnering with Go with the flow (GWTF), apart from pad donation, we will be co-hosting the fundraiser together with them. All proceed from the fundraiser will go into supporting GWTF daily operation, publicity to spread more awareness, have more donation box around the island etc.

Hope Lil Sister Funding will be able to support this prop.

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I like this but not sure the totes as a fundraiser are needed. What if instead it was a smaller pouch/clutch that could store period supplies and was given to Go with the Flow to give away with supplies instead? Could be branded with some cute lil nouns or lil sisters art?

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Hi @profwerder thank you for your feedback.

A fundraiser would defiantly be more beneficial as compared to plainly giving away tote bags or pouch/clutch; as GWTF is a non-profit organization their day to day operation cost, etc are heavily dependent on donation. Therefore, the purpose of organizing a fundraiser selling Lil Nounish Tote bags is to raise funds for GWTF in support for their cause in eradicate period poverty.

0.2ETH / USD300 to produce 100 Tote Bags, making the cost for each Tote Bags UDS3.
Each Tote bag would then be sold at around USD9, which will allow us to fund raise approx. USD900

If organizing a fundraiser is deem unnecessary by Lil Sisters, would suggest instead of giving away Lil nouns/lil sister branded merch, fund should be use to donate more supplies to GWTF instead as that is what they need more than anything.

Really like this idea. Highly relevant to Lil Sisters. I could see it going international! The key is getting the brand across through packaging/ merch etc.

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Hi @CoachJo thank you for your feedback.

Yup, that’s the idea to get Lil Nouns / Lil Sister brand across to the mass public via merch, in this case a Tote Bag for sale to help fundraise for a good course. :drop_of_blood: :cherry_blossom:

Yes, I think the tote bags are great. I also agree with @profwerder and @pxlmnml that some merch at the point of receipt of the gift would be a good idea to spread the brand to the audience benefitting. I can see from your previous response that you are not keen on that idea. I’m not the one making the funding the decision, but @profwerder and @pxlmnml are, so it would be worth considering their recommendations.

Hi @CoachJo thanks for your feedback.

I’m not against gifting Lil Nouns / Lil Sister merch to audience benefitting from the cause, am just pointing out that is would be more beneficial to beneficiary if they are able to receive more supplies which are the key things that need.

Brand awareness can be still achieve via fundraising, as the product that we will be selling to fundraise will be product branded with Lil Nouns / Lil Sister art.


Have ordered the sanitary pads (~4000pcs), which will be arriving mid Oct.
Once I’ve received them, will be personally making delivery to Go With The Flow (GWTF) storage area. Will also work on Tote bag design and get them in to production (Est. First week of Oct)
Tote bag production will take around 2-3 weeks, include shipping to Singapore; thereafter will start on fundraising to sell out those 80 tote bags. 100% to be donated to GWTF.

Media will also be uploaded when available.


Am glad to report that all 4000pcs of sanitary pads are being delivered to Go With The Flow (GWTF) storage area. Delivery was made personally by myself and handed to GWTF person in charged.

Also managed to come to a conclusion with GWTF team, as they are unable to take on any fundraising event at the moment, instead of creating tote bags to raise fund, will be creating smaller pouch with lil sister art where period supplies can be stored. These smaller pouch will be given to GWTF where they will be giving it away along with the sanitary pads to their beneficiaries. (as per @profwerder suggestion)

Media for Lil sister usage:

Lil Sister pouch:

Once again, Thank you Lil Nouns & Lil Sisters for funding this proposal in support of fighting period poverty as well as giving me the chance to contribute in proliferating Lil Nouns.