Lil Sisters x Gnars DAO: Gnarly Sisters Sponsorships

Lil Sisters has expressed interest in funding women, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ athletes (Lil Nouns DAO). I propose the Lil Sisters fund a grant through Gnars DAO with the specific intention of funding these athletes. At least one representative will need to join Gnars DAO to help coordinate the effort, and I will donate a gnar to whomever is picked so they can get in the token gated discord channels. The Lil Sisters will need to help locate athletes to sponsor and determine what each sponsorship will look like (examples of previous sponsorships can be found here: Snapshot). If this proposal is selected I will also submit a proposal to Gnars DAO for us to match the 1 ETH from the Lil Sisters fund, allowing for sponsorships worth a total of 2 ETH to be distributed. The Gnars founder has already given his support for this as well!


I think this is a brilliant idea that could help people form both communities. Being a gnars member and lil sisters founder, Iā€™d love to support whoever takes the role of looking for athletes and bridging the two funds.

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