Lil Splats - Extension Project

Main Concept

Lil Splats is an extension project created by established NFT artist sylo that will liquify Lil Nouns using fluid simulations. The main idea is to create an explosion of colour using the pixel values of the Nouns.

Lil Noun 1882

The idea is to be the first extension of Lil Nouns by offering owners the creation of their specific Lil Noun. To make this venture viable, I have been experimenting with a fee of 0.05ETH to have the Splat produced and minted.

Part of the objective of this project is to engage with community on twitter and showcase their splats and therefore proliferate Lil nouns.

Current status

I have already been working with the Lil Splats and developed a collection called Lil Nouns A total of 11 Lil splats have been created and distributed to their owners. In order to create the collection, a 721 contract has been deployed to match the standards of ETH NFTs. This specific contract was chosen for some characteristics that benefit the general Splat workflow:

  • Allows to multi-mint, in order to safe gas when creating several splats

  • Mints specific IDs creating a coherent URL related to the original Lil Nouns.
    Geeky I know, but the devil is on the details!

  • The contracts allows me to reveal the splats and update metadata if any error occurs in the minting process.


On my first week I offered three Splats for free , and have been delighted by the response. A total of 17 Lil Nouns want to be splatted. I will be choosing three random splats, and will then produce and transferred them for free.

A grant of 1 ETH would definitely help me establish and grow the collection within the community.

For this budget, I could do a recurring 3 splat giveaway for 6 weeks (18 Lil Splats), to keep momentum going and also to involve new owners of the Nouns.

If possible it would be lovely to also receive a Lil Noun from the DAO that I could use a mascot for the Splats. Not essential but would be a nice touch for the project.


Sylo is a UK based CG Artist and Designer using procedural tools to create abstract landscapes and realities. He develops complex 3d structures and brings them to life through the behaviour of light. He combines motion, design and sound to create innovative art films and stills.

This is just an initial pitch idea, and will happily discuss any necessary adjustment . Feel free to reach out at contact[AT]sylo. tv

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thanks for being patient on these!

I wanted to see how you planned on selecting the three lilnouns per week to do? We could collaborate and pick our top 3 contributors of the week and you can splats their lilnouns of choice? Whatcha think?

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This would be a great way doing it, this could be a way of rewarding users in the communnity.

I had suggested just a raffle like I did on this initial proof of concept:

oh that’s super fun! Maybe we can do a combination? raffle one or two a week and also select a Lil Nouner of the week and you do whatever token they want?

Yes sounds good, we can alternate to keep it fresh!

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Congrats on getting funded! Txn’s just went out.

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