Media Communications Residency for lil trav

Hi everyone,

My name is Travis Sapolin. Please see my full resume here:

Through this proposal, I’m seeking to dedicate myself full-time to Lil Nouns media communications via Instagram, Twitter and any other social platforms recommended. The below workload calls for 10-14 hours daily, 5-7 days a week.

My experience:
Grew my own independent eyewear retailer from 0 to 120k customers and $5m in revenue. Grew its Instagram profile from 0 to 23k followers.

Proposal for instagram content creation:
-3x weekly profile posts on Lil Nouns community updates, 1-3 hours weekly
-Daily story posts on Lil Nouns updates as well as the top crypto stories of the day. Curated news clips from bankless, the block, messari and TLDR crypto. 2-4 hours daily
-Build IG followers by engaging w/ members of pfp communities, 2 hours daily
-Engagement with our Instagram followers by commenting and liking comments on Lil Nouns posts and stories, 1 hour daily

Why Instagram?
The most notable NFT blue chip projects, NFT artists/musicians and NFT media outlets that are purely metaverse-focused have ~20 million followers on instagram in aggregate. I would estimate the reachable market at this number. Crypto Twitter is super important but instagram is the preferred platform for visual media — stories and posts. I think we can do a lot of good there!

NFT-focused instagram handles with 50-500k followers:

Proposal for Twitter content creation:
-5x daily Tweets with Lil Nouns community updates and top crypto headlines, 1-2 hours daily
-Build Twitter followers by engaging w/ members of pfp communities, 2 hours daily
-Engagement with our Twitter followers by commenting and liking comments on Lil Nouns tweets, 1 hour daily

Proposal for a media team to share access to our social media accounts:
I was thinking a team of 6 non-mod community members could share login access to our social media accounts and help publicize the meme and drive demand for Lil Nouns through various forms of media.

-We can use a multi-sig wallet and an Unstoppable NFT domain as a login for shared web3 services across the web
-Unstoppable NFT domain lilnouns.dao can be used as the multi-sig wallet’s address that we own outright versus ens domains that are rented. This would also function as a custom domain name for a decentralized end-to-end encrypted email and workspaces service: Skiff Mail and Skiff Workspaces.
-We can share media plans and social credentials in this multi-sig wallet controlled workspaces account


Hey friend. When do you sleep? You have other active projects and you are proposing a residency that takes 10-14 hours a day 7 days a week. Even just the latter alone seems impossible or unhealthy.

Thank you for your question. I think this is an appropriate schedule for a full time residency. The other residency applicant in our community is certainly working this hard. I feel a residency in this fashion should be available to contribute that many hours, or at least be as productive as that many hours would typically entail.

I care deeply about the Nouns meme and I feel Lil Nouns is a project that deserves attention for what it’s working to solve. I would enjoy continuing to press forward with the learning that this kind of media communications work offers and the opportunity to highlight Lil Nouns and drive demand for our community.

My other projects are part-time for the foreseeable future. The accelerator is 7 months and a 5-10 hour per week commitment. New York Glass has been downsized while I learn how to build a 1PB Filecoin miner with the help of PiKNiK’s super proficient and talented team, and Protocol Labs. For now, I would love to work full time on this experiment of an experiment.

I was thinking of proposing a 12 month residency and I would reapply depending on my contribution and availability.


Hey Trav,

I love this proposal and your vision for the Nouns. You clearly are of value added to the communities. Been seeing you here from the very beginning at Lil Nouns and it’s been great to see you being involved in various parts.

I’d like to hear more about on how you’re planning on approaching the 6 head non-mod community? would be great to go into a deeper discussion on that side as I think this could have a substantial benefit. Especially now with current market volatility in which builders look for eco-systems such as Nouns.

Best regards,

Hi there,

Thanks very much for your kind words.

I was thinking the nouns delegate election process is a great experiment and first foray into this type of committee and multi-sig. I know you’ve been active in some of these conversations. Maybe we can see how this plays out and add some ideas here based on what we learn.

It seems also like a proactive team of content creators and a point-person to aggregate and organize content from contributors for various channels is something that’s already happening through lil saturns amazing newsletter. Maybe a committee-like structure could be organized around it so that there are more consistent contributions / deliverables and more channels.

It’s also possible that the bounty system could help feed content creation that can then be organized and posted to different channels! I’m going to see where I can help in these processes and keep you posted.

Thanks again!