Music video for Lil Nouns šŸŽµ


Animation director seeking 2eth to create a Nounish music video for lilnouns!

Hello, Iā€™m Arash Negahban, an animation director.

Last month I made and released some short animations featuring Nouns and then I went on to make a music video as a proof of concept to show what I can do.

I made a film clip for Noun 388, The Bomb. It was really well received which encouraged me to make more of these music videos.

:point_down:**ā€œIā€™m The Bombā€ Music video link**:point_down:

Now I want to make a new music video for Lil Nouns, a happy music video full of dance and joy in different locations.

It is going to blow your mind.

Thank you for reading and I hope you like my video animations!

wallet address: 0x4756e5a5D0668195Feb1EC0e7F96832ffc51c4A8


Happy to see you here as well Arash!
I migrated to Lilnouns as well and something funky like this seems like a good suited thing for the lil nouns <3
I hope you get well deserved love and enthusiasm here as well.

Mantis IS the Lil Nouns Discourse

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