Noun Chain Gang

This is a pretty simple idea: build a “noun chain gang” portal that existing off-chain collections can use to renew their collection fully on-chain. Ideally you’d start with a pixel of provenance that’s currently just pointers to jpegs, like say CryptoDickbutts. The collection would submit their original code/contracts to the team, the team would as gas-efficiently as possible rebuild the existing collection fully on-chain and airdrop the new token to the current holder of the corresponding original piece.

I imagine this could be done in 60-90 days but you’d need the right team….right now I’m just looking towards Proof Collective’s Divergence team as they’re the ones responsible for putting the birbs fully on chain - that said, I recall (but cannot locate) myriad folks in the birb discord talking about how with correct contract optimization, you could take a full collection on-chain for under 10ETH, but that’s PIXELS only, like nouns, so I imagine it might be much harder and more exposed to say put some elaborate generative art series on-chain.

The NounsDAO would retain ownership of the chain gang portal and would likely need to appoint a manager to communicate with interested parties. The NounsDAO could charge say 50ETH for the use of the portal and interested collections would have to pay that up front before gaining access, and it’d be non-refundable because the devs can’t just get their time back. I’d imagine NounsDAO could easily turn this into a profit generating model within maybe even just the first client, but certainly very quickly in any event.

Also, I’m an insurance and environmental expert, I don’t know a damned thing about code, but I’m creative and respectful, and folks always seem to like working with me.

I’m confused where the value add to lil nouns is. I also struggle to imagine any project is willing to spend 50 eth to get their project redeployed on chain.

I agree with al and this seems more a chain worthy attempt.