Nounify web3 contributors and educators

Proposal to expand nounify the top web3 contributors and best web3 educators

Allow free claim from lil noun treasury to significant contributors of web3 in batches of 10. My top picks will be the likes of Vitalik, Chris Dixon, Gavin Wood, Charles Hoskinson, Benjamin Cowen, Li Jun, etc…

Would love some ideas on how we can vote for these people on a ranking basis to get them into the batches. Discord bot? Or does discourse have a voting function?

Also would love some comments if this can be made more viable, if this would even be reciprocated by them. As @404sigh pointed out, execution will be tough. He reckons we should solve a high frequency problem in web3 space using NounDAO. Something that currently stands out to me is the lack of awareness for issues like MEV dilemma, centralised architecture (Infura) and SBT. Would love some thoughts here.

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I think the right question to ask is “How do we get their attention?”

If we want Chris Dixon or Gavin Wood to own a Lil Noun, we should see who is in their circle and get the attention of their friends. The good thing about Lil Nouns, and NounsDAO, is that there’s a high amount of intelligent people supporting the expansion of Nouns.

Nouns has already created a large impact on the crypto space. If we can form a strong relationship with NounsDAO it’ll be easier for high profile to trust us. That relationship has already started by them allowing us to buy Noun #253 from their DAO.

@lil-Kensan What do you think should be the next step in building a relationship with NounsDAO?

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that is a good question.

the next relationship could be one or more of the following:

  • Buying a Noun every 1000th Lil Noun – this is being discussed in the Discord
  • Regular Noun x Lil Nouners Twitter Spaces events for the communities

We could use those as a starting point and continue from there. thoughts?

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@404sigh and @mrbrookg thanks for your comments.

I realise that my initial idea here may be hard to execute, so your suggestion of building relationship with NounsDAO first may be a good idea.

Near term

  • Regular Noun x Lil Nouners Twitter Spaces events for the communities.
  • POAP event for nouners with ⌐◨-◨ on their social handles.

Mid Term

  • Buying a Noun every 1000th Lil Noun – Lets wait to see the execution for the 2 nouns OTC/acquisition’s execution first. We do want to foster closer relationship with NounsDAO and this would bring us closer to NounsDAO.

Long Term

  • (The initial proposal here) Nounify web3 contributors and educators.
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I think it would be best if web3 creators want to come in and nounify on their own.

I am not too keen on honorary and freebies.

The last part of setting up committees who want to focus on using lil noun capabilities to help spread awareness and tackle functions. that seems like a nice organic way to spread the nouns. IF all the sudden 2-5 nouns showed up to help support a project to solve such problems etc… maybe then notice is taken. or something along those lines.

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Agree. I think it would be great if people like Chris Dixon, Li Jin, etc actively supported Lil Nouns.

That being said, I agree with sqx10. These people are already aware of Nouns and the Nouns ecosystem and we should get them to join by doing impressive things, not shilling/them devaluing the brand by giving it away.

Once again, agree. I think that conducting (or sponsoring research) to build awareness around these challenges and develop potential solutions would advance our collective interests (as builders, Web3 users) and attract some of those “high status” Web3 personalities mentioned above.

I think a good course of action would be isolating which challenge we think is the best balance of pressing, addressable, and relevant to the existing Lil Nouns community.

Then, we can fund projects to raise awareness of that challenge and solve it.

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i agree with this @lil-Kensan. I see a proposal that scales based on the successful implementation of its preceeding proposal.

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