Nouns Blog X Lil Nouns

Hi Lil Nouns community,

I’m Blowned, someone who’s been lurking in Lil Nouns way too long - without actually owning a Lil Noun :joy:

After months of deliberation, here’s my first proposal on Lil Nouns.

Nouns Blog Sponsorship - Lil Nouns DAO

Proposal for Lil Nouns DAO to sponsor Nouns Blog - and be documented in the only Nounish writing-focused platform to date.

Before we dive into the details, here’s a bit about us.

WTF is Nouns Blog?

Nouns Blog is the unofficial blog of Nouns DAO, with a focus on educating normies and proliferating the Nouns meme.

We share educational articles on various themes in web3, using the power of SEO to reach the wider audience on Google. This is anything from governance to CC0, so really anything under the sun worth sharing should end up on the blog.

Nouns Blog was kickstarted by Nouns DAO’s Prop House, where we won third place with 69 votes (LFG!!) back in round 4.

The Proposal

Lil Nouns DAO, would you want to sponsor a few pieces on the Nouns Blog? Let me explain the general process.

The idea is that Lil Nouns will sponsor an article, that I will personally write, and be published on Nouns Blog.

The article will usually be about a general theme in crypto/web3 (preferably something related to Lil Nouns), and we will include a section in the article to talk about how Lil Nouns fits in the bigger picture.

For a gauge of what we’re getting at, feel free to refer to “What Is Collective Governance” on Nouns Blog, an article we did for a partnership with SZNouns, another Nounish subdao.

Sponsorship Plans

We have three sponsorship plans - Fren, Sponsor, and Partner. I’ll go through them briefly here, but there’s a more comprehensive write-up linked here.

Fren (0.5 ETH): A blurb

  • Shorter piece (around 600-800 words)
  • A small section on Lil Nouns

Sponsor (1.5 ETH): Full scale article

  • 2K~ word article; much more depth and breadth
  • Section of around 500 words on Lil Nouns + linking throughout the piece
  • Opportunity to embed videos/podcasts into the article
  • Optional PR (Press Release) from Blowned - we can discuss this in further detail

Partner (2.5 ETH): Articles and much more!

  • 2 Full scale articles (2K words, like the Sponsor tier)
  • Everything else mentioned in Sponsor tier
  • A personal subdomain blog site for Lil Nouns (Check out [SZNouns’ Nouns Blog] ( fork/ [Xargs personal Nouns Blog site] ( for a good idea - maybe Lil Nouns community members can also contribute on this new blog?)
  • Logo featured on our homepage

Also hope that 1 Lil Noun can be granted to Blowned for the Prop coordination + any follow ups - can see Nouns Blog playing a huge role to community documentation in Lil Nouns. Specifically looking at 101 Nouns Onboarding @lilmikegood :wink:

Yep, that’s about it. Also, all plans come with custom graphics from our in-house digital artist (Pajas) + IT expert (Xargs) who would help with setting up the personal site.

And of course, the DAO can choose what we’ll write about. No worries about SEO, we’ll handle that part.

Hope to get the community’s support, and feel free to ping me if there’s any questions. (Blowned.eth#5048 on Discord, @BlownedEth on Twitter)