Nouns/Lil Nouns sticker/postcard for Nouns event in Korea

Project Overview
Nouns/Lil Nouns sticker/postcard for Nouns event in Korea

From next week (from August 2nd), Korea Blockchain week/BuidlAsia/EthSeoul will be held in Korea.
And from August 6-9, Noun 75 will lead two Nouns events: Nouns Invasion and Nouns Brand Experience Day.

As a Lil nouner and a fan of nouns, I’m going to make and give out two stickers and a small postcard so that people can remember nouns after the event. ⌐◨-◨
Stickers are goods that people can enjoy. It can be stuck on a laptop and anywhere people want, and it can be a natural promotional effect.

Here is a sample image: Noggles Sticker and card.

(it will be put in a regular plastic bag, not a plastic zip bag.)

0.35 ETH. (Based on 1700USD)
or 0.0455ETH (Based on 1200USD considering price volatility)
Each budget is written below:

Description USD ETH($1700)
Sticker printing (including shipping): 2 types, 200 each $140 0.082 ETH
Postcard printing (including shipping): 2 types, 200 each $20 0.011 ETH
Designing stickers and postcards $150 0.087 ETH
Transportation $70 0.041 ETH
Manpower(Packaging): 2 people, 4 hours $140 0.082 ETH
Manpower(Distribution): 1 people, 4 hours $80 0.047 ETH

Any questions or suggestions to make this idea better would be appreciated!
Thanks for reading.

Further Information

Nouns Invasion: Nouns Invasion Tickets, Sat 6 Aug 2022 at 11:00 | Eventbrite
Nouns Brand Experience Day: Nouns Experience Day Tickets, Mon 8 Aug 2022 at 16:00 | Eventbrite

Update: added QR code.

I finished printing because the event is in two days. It would have been nice if we could discuss more to develop ideas. But There was not enough time.

With advice from Nouns Discord, I printed an additional QR to link Nouns and Lil Nouns’ Linktree!
Events start on the 6th. I’ll take a picture of my idea and share how going on.

And I saw that a new application process for Lil funding will create.
I’ll wait for the new process to come up and apply again! (I’ll keep update on Discourse on my progress.)

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IMO this price point makes it an easy decision. please post videos and pics f event. ill splash on twtr. you know where to find me.,… (ALL OVER DISCORD)

sorry this grant fell in the middle of a confused state?

P.S. Would also be great if production comes out well to potentially upsize and create promo packages and or we can ship out to holders. (i dont know what people want!)

has nouns funded a portion of this as well? not a reason for us to not fund etc… but I think we are going to be actively seeking this information out in the future.


Thanks for the comment! :grinning:
I’ll keep updated when the event starts.

I heard there’s a Nouns party on the 8th. Especially on that day, It will be possible to give the package to the builders.

I am also interested in promo packages. I have experience making promo goods such as pins, cups, t-shirts, and stickers. I’ll do some more research!

And about funding, I haven’t requested from Nouns yet.
After the event, How about splitting the budget in half proportion and requesting a fund from Nouns?

This prop is awesome my fren! I’m getting this up on the tracker now, and if the signers approve, will get this sent out asap :slight_smile: Like SQ said, please share pictures and videos from the event on discord!

I still need to Iron out the process of requesting from both lil nouns and nouns grant programs. I’ll make a more official update when Noun 22 and I figure out what that escalation route will look like.

I posted an ask to Nouns Discourse. :grinning:
The additional budget is incurred for QR and sticker printing, so I updated the contents!
I’ll update to channel when I get an answer.

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