Proposal – Lil Nouns Scavenger Hunt

Lil Nouns Scavenger Hunt

If you don’t like reading, I created a video to explain: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

The idea

Every month, we conduct a scavenger hunt. (It doesn’t have to be every month. It can be quarterly, once a year, bi-monthly)

  • Hosted on @lilnounsdao Twitter spaces
  • Lil Nouns DAO will tweet a photo of a riddle to start the game
  • Scavenger hunt should take ~60 minutes total
  • At the end of the scavenger hunt, enter a one-time code on the website

Example of a “Nouns Scavenger Hunt”


We can change the rewards up, but I think if we giveaway 1 Lil Noun, 2 ETH and a new role in Discord, that would be great! The treasury grows by ~70 ETH a day, so this wouldn’t be too much of an issue withdrawing 1 Lil Noun & 2 ETH out every time we have a scavenger hunt.

Why we should do this

  1. Brings more attention to the Lil Nouns DAO
  2. Everyone will have a chance to win (open to the public)
  3. Something to look forward to in the community
  4. Allows the public to participate, to own a Lil Noun

Why we shouldn’t

  1. Uses treasury funds?
  2. I don’t think there’s anything else

this sounds fun. would you build this yourself OR hire someone to do it?

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Unless any Lil Nouns would like to contribute, I can do this myself! Somebody will have to host the spaces, preferably one of the founders that built Lil Nouns.

I like this idea. it sounds fun.

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Sounds fun! Would love for this to be part of a bigger event! Having a lil noun carnival monthly sounds fun!


a carnival with more events in addition to the scavenger hunt!

What kind of things would you like to do at a digital carnival?

Some Fun:

Scavenger hunt
Among Us
Spy fall

Some Business:
Town hall
Great chance to get everyone to vote and pass proposals
Awarding POAP
Awarding dundees

Some chow:
Food delivery? Idk

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sounds like a great idea. and especially something to have in place that can be ported into real life events like NFT.NYC etc etc.