Proposal: Run Lil Grants Season 3 on Collective to increase engagement

Hi everyone,

My name is Danny, one of the core builders of (formerly MomentRanks), a longtime crypto contributor, and a Lil Noun (5x).

In my view, Discourse (this platform) isn’t it.

Discourse is great forum software for large businesses and web2 companies — but it’s highly inflexible, doesn’t integrate web3 well (and has no plans to), and makes participation more painful than it is fun. We don’t think it’s right for a community as vibrant and experimental as Lil nouns to marry it.

Most importantly, one of the core problems facing Lil Nouns is how to support deeper participation. There are existing discussions within the community about even raffling off NFTs to support participants, showing the need for better engagement.

For a community as vibrant and experimental as Lil Nouns, Discourse is not the solution.

The Collective platform

Collective is piloting a platform for NFT communities to make long-form discussion & collaboration more fun.

Core features include:

  • Multiple customizable feeds for different types of long-form discussion
  • Easier account management: no need for multiple Discourse email/password accounts, or plugins for token-gating; members can just two-click authenticate with their wallets
  • Security: wallet signatures on posts to prove authenticity
  • Governance: direct integration with Snapshot for discussing offchain proposals/votes in one UI
  • Discord announcement ingestion
  • Community analytics
  • & more!

Mirror of this proposal on Collective:

We’re exploring with a number of CC0 communities right now, and think Lil Nouns is the perfect candidate to experiment alongside.

Our view is that switching to Collective will yield better short-term and long-term participation by getting rid of the pain of using Discourse. It will also open up surface area for Lil Nouns to have more web3-native interactions in the future on top of this web3-native platform, if the community so chooses.

Our proposal: We’d love to onboard Lil Nouns as our first community by running Lil Grants Season 3 on Collective. This would mean updating links in Notion and pointing community members to have discussion on Collective.

What Lil Nouns would receive:

  • Exclusive access to Collective, as the first community onboarded, as a low-effort experiment to potentially boost engagement
  • 8 weeks of direct dev support and building/iterating on feature requests from the Lil Nouns community
  • Optionally: we create and share content on our Twitter about Lil Nouns

Other notes:

  • Access is free and always will be — we’re happy to provide that in contractual guarantees!
  • In all transparency, we’d love to go beyond just Lil Grants, and eventually build out a better frontend for governance + other types of community tooling, eventually usable by all Nounish communities. But this proposal would only entail piloting Lil Grants
  • As stakeholders in both Collective and Lil Nouns, the other team members and I will abstain from voting, but truly believe this is in the best interest of the community.