Starting #spanish community onboarding and expansion

After being involved with Lil Nouns for about a month, I’m confident that expanding to other languages is key to our long-term success. My prop (Prop House) just recently passed in prop-house, which is the creation of an article targeted to Spanish speakers in Spanish to facilitate their onboarding. I’m also working on the website translation to remove the language barrier for newcomers that arrive at the website.

I would love to be the one in charge of onboarding Spanish speakers once they arrive at our Discord. For this to happen, we would need the introduction to an International section where a #spanish channel can be found. I also want to connect with (a Spanish-focused team of NounsDao) to collaborate in proliferating nounish. Given my background and what I’m currently working in, I believe there’s no better person to fulfill this role.

I also believe assigning someone to every language added to the Discord to fulfill this role would be innovative and proactive. We could incorporate a Discord role for the word “Friend” but in that respective language (Amigo, friend in Spanish, or Freund, friend in German).

Why is it essential to remove language barriers?

Spanish is spoken by more than 559 million people globally. Internationality is Nounish. An astonishing number of people with skills and ideas would help us proliferate Nounish who can’t join because of a simple language barrier. Removing these barriers, language by language, slowly but surely, is essential for proliferating nounish.

With this grant, I would:

  • Actively onboard any Spanish speaker into Lil Nouns by teaching/explaining anything they need/want to know.
  • Connect with Spanish-speaking communities to collaborate and proliferate nounish.
  • Orient newcomers on how they can start building and cooperating with other members of the DAO.
  • Organize voice chats for Spanish speakers (in Spanish) to connect and participate.
  • Connect with other members interested in doing this for their respective languages and brainstorm the most efficient way to integrate non-English speakers or not fluent speakers into building/cooperating and proliferating nounish.


I believe 2 ETH and 1 Lil Noun to pilot this first month would be appropriate compensation for this work.

I have plans to expand my role and do bigger things, especially here in the Dominican Republic, but for now, I believe this is essential work I can do. It would also help me understand what’s the best way to proliferate Nounish not only in Spanish but also in all other languages.



  • I’m starting with reaching out to Moña Collective (a Dominican community of around 350 members) to teach and educate them on everything Nounish.

Out of the interested group, onboard them into the Lil Nouns discord and community. I’ll be actively looking for possible team members to create a more formal NounLATAM soon.

  • Reaching out to other Spanish-speaking communities as a Nounish representative to educate on everything Nounish.

Reaching out to other communities will proliferate Nounish and onboard other members from other communities.

  • Setting up voice chats in the Lil Nouns discord (in Spanish)

These voice chats aim to orient members and clear up any questions they might have.

  • Being the middle man between 0 English Spanish speakers and other community members who might have skill sets they might need for their idea (Collaborating).

A middle man will help non-English speakers connect with other community members by assisting them in expressing their ideas appropriately (something that Google Translate will not do correctly).

After this pilot, I will gather up a team to create an on-chain proposal for the creation of NounsLATAM for the active proliferation of nounish.

I currently see NounsLATAM (or another name the team chooses) covering mainly 2 points:

  1. Proliferating Nounish among LATAM through IRL events, panels, twitter spaces, and collaborations

  2. Proactively looking to onboard more talented and skillful Latin Americans to build/collaborate on quality projects.

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Congrats on getting funded! Txn’s just went out.


Thanks Al! Appreciate it!

This is good, breaking down language barriers and allowing more international audience to understand what we are as lil noun

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Congrats @necfas for having your proposal funded.
Saw your Spanish article :100:

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Thank you so much!!
Appreciate the support!

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