Token-gating this forum for lilnouns holders

Hi all, just wanted to suggest token-gating via Cryptoauth for sections of this forum! Some quick/possible implementations:

  • Special roles for lilnouns holders
  • Special sections

etc. :slight_smile:

There’s also a Discord<>Discourse integration. I haven’t tried it yet, but may be of use to some folks.

Worth considering + thanks for your time <3


These are 2 great suggestion! We can also use something like Discourse - Sign-In with Ethereum for login with eth wallet


What would the purpose of gating it be? Given the perpetually increasing size of the community, I’d argue the page should be public, as it will allow more people to become familiar with the community and decide if they want to join as a holder.


I agree it should be public, since I’m part of the public. HA! But it would be good for a proposal writer to know if they were chatting with someone who had a vote, and therefore influence, or someone like me.


I see no benefit in making it private.

I think the content should always be public but the question is should there be limitation on certain conversations/discussion to lil nouners only


Im in favor of using SIWE if it helps us create continuity between wallet, disc, discourse. Ie, you know who I am on all platforms.

Dont think we need to gate anything though (unless we see a problem with spam, low quality posts etc).

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i don’t think we should do it. this is a forum discussion. better to open it up to everyone. if there was someone interested in joining and doesn’t see much activity in terms of proposals, they’d be able to see what is in the pipeline.

I say our discourse shouldn’t be token gated until we get our first 10 proposals voted up on.

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I don’t think non-holders have any place discussing governance. There are plenty available, they can invest and then engage. Interest and participation in general discussion is always appreciated if you’re offering information from a place of understanding or experience, or asking questions. But if you’re new to the project, have missed most of the discussion that’s already taken place, and then move into governance discourse to offer insight without understanding, and without any stake in the treasury or voting power, please don’t. It’s intrusive and distracting.


i see what you mean. i agree.

i am just saying, it should be open till we get a few proposals (i suggest 10) up and voted on.

it will also give us a temp-check to see if opening it would be intrusive and distracting.

Who gets to decide this? I imagine this cannot be resolved with a DAO proposal.

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I’d add that I came into the nouns/lil nouns community because I was able to read around different proposals and liked what everyone is building. Keeping that open seems important for sure.

I do see the upside of knowing governance is being discussed by people who can vote though.

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