Twitter Auction Notification Bot

Project Overview
I have written a twitter bot to show settled and started auctions. The bot is quite simple but has some nice features.

  • ENS name shown for buyer when available
  • SVG image converted to PNG and attached to the tweet

The bot has been running well for over 24 hours now. You can find it here:

Requesting 1 ETH and 1 lil-noun for my efforts in this bot. It took me around 8 hours and I’d like the lil-noun so I can set a pfp on the bot on twitter :slight_smile:

My wallet address is hodl.pcc.eth

This social media bot is simple, not too spammy and will spread the word across the twittersphere about lil-nouns.

Current Progress
Bot is already finished and operational.

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HODL is a great addition to the lil nouns and i look forward to this bot. thanks!

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seems to be running well! well done fren and very much in favour of this getting retro funded.

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super simple and useful :slight_smile: well done! Message me on discord so i can find you

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Congrats on getting funded! Txn’s just went out.

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Bot is working well.
Simple and clean.

Congrats @hodl, Awesome job!