We have worked this proposal up through discord and are hoping to go on-chain soon. Still looking for feedback on what it would take to get lil nouns voters to vote YES on this. DMs open. TYIA.

LINK TO FULL NOTION PROPOSAL WITH MORE PICTURES AND SOURCES: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

the lilnouns mechanism is now boring and random lil mints are not bringing in enough revenue

Our Solution β€” www.lilblockparty.wtf

  • gamifies the lil nouns protocol by previewing new lils before minting
  • all proceeds from new lils β†’ **[Lil Nouns DAO]
  • We’ve already generated 1.24E for the treasury
  • We are hosting a live AMA w/ devs 9/22 @ 8pm EST in discord

Fast follow (post-MVP):

  • Miss a good lil? tweet a ****eulogy growth loop



  • 3Ξ topic0.eth. (solidity)
  • 3Ξ mulford.eth (dev)
  • 3Ξ lilpanda.branigan.eth (PM, comms)
  • 1.5Ξ meeshlin.eth. (figma)
  • 1.5Ξ lildonut.eth. (figma, copy)


  • 12Ξ Coordinape multisig to 6-person team for runway through October 15
  • 1Ξ Out-of-pocket expenses/maintenance: domain, gas, RPC calls, contract deploys, test mints, etc


  1. nvonpentz: solidity
  2. mulford.eth dev
  3. lilpanda.branigan.eth: PM, comms, socials
  4. meeshlin.eth: design
  5. lildonut: design, copy, donut
  6. lilpizza.eth: ideation / apprentice

  • Previous funding 1E from prop to be distributed .4Ξ nvonpentz, .4Ξ mulford, .2Ξ lilpanda.branigan.eth lilpizza.eth & sqx10.eth both opted out of funding from proposal

TYIA for any constructive feedback. Team will do what it takes to get a quorum of YES on this proposal. DMs open but prefer feedback in public.


A few of us had this idea independently and started ideating in Discord immediately. The team is solid and everyone works very well together.

So far the team has been able to deliver an awesome MVP in a very short amount of time. I posted this idea to Prop Lot around the time of inception and it seems to be very popular in the DAO:

This app is a complete no brainer for long-term revenue generation for the DAO.

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Wen on chain?

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Retro looks good to me. I do think the team could be a tad leaner, but I like the product and the synergy. For future work it’d be helpful to get a better idea of what will be implemented so folks can provide feedback and guide direction.

:handshake: – earlier versions had more detailed roadmap but got a lot of feedback to drop the roadmap.

We want to build an orderbook for heads and are taking direction and feedback in our discord thread: Discord

I said yes for this proposal :star_struck:

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