NFTX vault for Lil Nouns

Suggestion to create an NFTx pool

For those unfamiliar nftx is a platform where users can deposit/stake/sell/swap nfts in different vaults. A lil nouns vault will enable us in a few ways

  1. Swaps:

Been eyeing a lil noun? maybe someone has been eyeing yours. with a vault users can swap in and out of all the awesome lil nouns

  1. Sell

Sells in and out of vaults allow a more liquid market for the collection. It would be at a lower rate to ensure integrity of the current floor keeping the vault intact

  1. Fractionalization

Been eyeing a lil noun but can’t get quite enough ETH?

with vaults, its possible to buy shares of lil nouns token. enough tokens you can swap for 1 noun.


BUMP. we are discussing this at present and think it has the potential t solve a bunch of issues.


WHAT we need to know is what price are we trying to support?
I am a as low as people are willing to acccept. kinda guy.

HOW are we going to start it?
If the Nouns dont want as many lils we can use the ones from their cache paired with our eth. we can then split fees as well as render them non-voteable (although the tokens CAN be used to vote as well. so…) *My take is they DONATE BACK to our treasury in exchange for a recurring revenue stream of fees from the vault. *

HOW are we going to maintain it.
*through floor weth bids coded to directly fill them into the LP pool upon being hit as well as auto bid floors for the auction house. *

Im sure there are super pitfalls here somewhere. please poke away.

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