Provide menstrual pads and tampons for girls in Senegal's schools

Why ?

According to a report of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, in sub-Saharan Africa, one girl out of ten does not go to school during her menstrual cycle, which corresponds, according to some estimates, to 20% of the school time lost over a year.

Unfortunately they are often the first victims of school dropout and often for very banal reasons like not having tampons or menstrual pads

To be a little more concrete, it often happens that there are many dropouts and school failures because of the limitation to access to the pads

What ?
We want to make hygienic material available so that these young girls do not have to miss school for lack of affordability

How ?
Also we want to organize educational mornings in schools, in the format of a breakfast to lighten the atmosphere and transmit information in a relaxed environment. It is indeed also important to educate on what are the female period, how it works and remove any taboo around it.

We will choose 3 schools, the secondary school, a high school and the university.
The 3 schools are located in the city of Dakar.
It is interesting to choose 3 different schools to see how the different populations will react.

I will be accompanied by 2 girl friends who are better qualified to talk about the subject and the girls will feel more comfortable talking with a girl.

One of them works for the United Nations and is used to intervene with the populations, the other one is Senegalese because I think that it is important to be able to communicate with someone who looks like us.
We will also work with the student associations present at the university to train them on the subject so that they can organize days by themselves

We will also set up a follow-up with some students to collect questionnaires to find out what the direct benefits have been.

total project cost : 11ETH

  • menstrual pads and tampons 7ETH (2500units)
  • coffee and croissants 1ETH
  • nounish designed tote bags 3ETH (1000units)
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Sorry, but 2500 menstrual pads are not even 1 ETH. Something is wrong with your calculations.

it can be misleading, it’s not 1 pad, it’s 1 pack of pads

We need to know the right numbers.
How many units per pack?
How many girls in need in each school and for how long the menstrual products will be provided?

Just some questions to improve your proposal.

I made the estimate on buying a pack of 20 pads or tampons at $5 a pack
That’s a total of 44000 pads
The exact number of girls in need in each school is complicated to define, we can never really know without being intrusive in their private life
but being a poor country where a large number of pupils and students still eat only one meal a day it is easy to estimate that the majority are in need
refer to the studies made by the NGOs to understand more that this is a big issue in Africa

The pads will be given to the administration of the school so that they can make them available according to the needs that they consider to be the best in their establishment
For the university they will be given to the student associations who will also decide what is the best way and especially that those who need it the most can benefit from it

Now it’s clear, thanks! Lil sister’s first round of funding is for proposals up to 1 ETH. What about elaborating more on the proposal and nouns art/involvement and checking funding possibilities in the prop house?

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Ok great thanks for your comment as it improve my writing.
What about elaborating more on the proposal and nouns art/involvement and checking funding possibilities in the prop house?

  • Sure I’d love to, if this is the best way to go through I have no problem going that way, could I ping you on discord to discuss about that ?

Is there a way to get this to a 1 eth cost? Maybe with some kind of sticker or other branding to note that the giveaways/packs are sponsored by lil nouns?


Hi thanks for your comment not sure to understand, you want to reduce the proposal to 1eth ?
or add 1eth to add stickers to the pads ?
if so Im not sure if stickers can sticks to the packs
but we can put them in lilnouns designed box otherwise

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That would work – if it was in some kind of nouns labeled packaging. But yes, we also are only looking at funding 1 eth in this round for up to 5 projects so you would need to readjust the budget.


Thanks I get it now the proposal is good but it need to resize to fit for the next round funding allocation
When is the next round ?
Thank you for your comments