Proposal: 3,000 Water Purification Educational Kits & Workshops for Students for 20 ETH

3,000 Water Purification Educational Kits & Workshops for Students for 20 ETH

TLDR: Lil Nouns have an opportunity to tackle world water issues while providing STEM education to low income youth. The nonprofit developed an open source educational water purification kit that costs $10 and fits in a simple envelope. Let’s tackle this together by providing 3,000 students with kits and workshops for just 20 ETH and proliferate the Lil Noun meme by being their first connection to Web3!

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My name is Ryan Beltrán aka TriggityTron founder of and for the past 6 years I’ve worked with thousands of students all over the world to collaboratively innovate DIY water purification. During Covid we pivoted from arduino kits to simple purification kits that could be sent in an envelope to individual students. This allowed us to grow exponentially even during tough times. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission “to empower students who want to make a difference in the world by giving them the tools and education to tackle real-world water issues collaboratively.” Using a unique blend of STEM education principles, experiential learning modules, and teamwork, Make Water prepares K-12 students to contribute knowledge and solutions that make real-world differences, and enter STEM fields as citizen scientists, innovative thinkers, and inspired change agents.

Lil Nouns and both have an ethos for open source and innovating. A new learning module will be added to the program covering the basics of web3 and blockchain. Individual students will receive a unique MakeWater / LilNouns Collaborative POAP for participation in the Make Water program. Make Water will seek to include Nouns to the marketing materials, instructions, and packaging of its kits for Program participants. Also an educational video as well as photos will be made available to share and proliferate the Lil Noun meme! Should the community love the outcome we would be open to expanding the program collaboration in the future.


  • Engage 3,000 students in Make Water programming and introduction to Web3 via Lil Nouns POAP
  • Serve at least 60% students identifying in an underserved population including students of color, LMI, or female
  • Increase interest in STEM-based career/degree programs and web3 pathways
  • An educational video created for students and Lil Nouns to share in meme proliferation

Transaction Details

LilNoun Video from Founder Ryan Beltrán
MakeWater Program Video
MakeWater on ABC Local News


This is an update (after community feedback) from this previous proposal idea thread.

3,000 Water Purification Educational Kits & Workshops for Students for 20 ETH Is up for a vote! Please consider voting for it and feel free to ask me any questions about it. Lil Nouns DAO

As someone who makes educational videos I also want to cross over into working on some lil noun educational videos and outreach. This prop would just be the beginning of something huge. I want it to be a proving ground for what our collaboration could bring. I believe connecting web3 with youth and students is a huge step to growth of our Lilnouns community and that of web3.