Change of Emission Schedule to Lil Nounders

Change of Emission Schedule to Lil Nounders

At 1/10 of the emissions; the lil Nounders will far and away be the largest holder of “lil Nouns”. (with Nouns DAO) (as of this writing a portion every 9th I think is sent to lilgrants.eth) The unforeseen implications of this down the line may be large.

At present we have 1908 lil’s minted. So that puts 190ish in the lil Nounders Treasury (less 14 or so moved to lilgrants.eth. These are theirs and free to do as they please.

(I PERSONALLY have less a well thought out or reasoned plan than I did for Nouns Emissions.)

my suggestion is as such:

Adjust emission schedule to 1/50, with every 3rd going to lilgrants.eth *

This gives the lil nounders the ability to hold a strong portion in the success in the future of the lil nouns through the holdings of 200 of the first 2000 lil Nouns NFT’s. As well as a continued Lil Noun faucet in perpetuity. Having a smaller overall percentage will provide the lil Nounders the ability to vote and not outweigh ALL opinions and always be the swing the vote. (other than Nouns Dao)

*IMO this better aligns the proportional holdings with DAO goals. Even at reduced emissions and now divided by 4 it is still roughly .5% ownership by 1 person.

**At time of writing and current floor price of .5 lil nounders holdings are equivalent to 100 eth . lots of moving parts, but to earn as owners and members of the DAO as opposed to an oversized faucet I think strengthens the position of governance f the DAO.

**I propose no limit to the time of the 1/50 however and that we remove the 5 year clause. With the assumptions that lil Nounders ends up being a decentralized council in perpetuity that outlives us all.


Public Lil Opinion.
Public Lil Nounders Opinion

Dev for creation of contract adjustments.


I think we need to fix voting before proposing changes to lil Nounders emissions; however I believe that your desire to make the DAO more decentralized is healthy and well intentioned.