[PROP] Fund 31 projects in 31 days

What if we funded 31 projects in 31 days?

The idea

Every day for the month of August, Lil Nouns DAO will fund 1 project/creator 1 ETH

Sort of a marketing ploy to bring awareness to Lil Nouns DAO, on top of providing value to projects/creators! :slight_smile: We can scout & vet projects/creators all of July, come up with a list of 31 projects/creators, find their ETH address, and then every day of August 2022, we’ll send them 1 ETH with a message along the lines of “We love what you’re doing so much we decided to fund 1 ETH towards your work. Keep doing you!”

Types of people/projects to fund

  • NFT photographers
  • Web3 solopreneurs
  • Small web3 projects
  • NFT artists
  • Web3 developers
  • etc

I do agree that there should be a requirement that says “the person/project we are funding cannot already be associated with the Lil Nouns DAO,” so we don’t have people in our community trying to cheat the system to get free money.

I think it’s a good idea for a few reasons:

  1. Provides value to artists, builders, & projects by funding
  2. Element of surprise, imagine seeing an extra 1 ETH in your wallet
  3. Brings awareness to Lil Nouns DAO

Let me know what you think! Could be good, or bad, I wanna hear your opinion!

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Certainly seems like a compelling marketing concept. I think it could be really fun. It would be nice to include some non-profits in the mix as well.