RETRO FUNDING: Nouns and Lil Nouns in Chinese

Inspired by @necfas, I’ve wrote an article on Mirror in mandarin aimed to target newcomer who do not understand English and to break the language barrier for Chinese community; explaining what is Nouns and Lil Nouns, CC0, and the different funds supported by the DAO. As mandarin is also a widely used language and more Chinese community are getting into the spaces; I feel it would be beneficial if we have a article in their native mother tongue for them to understand Noun/Lil Noun better and easier.

@al409.eth If I may, would like to request to be awarded retro funding of 0.25ETH + 1 Lil Noun

The article is already written and published on Mirror:

Cheers! Now back to Nounish 3D pot designing~ :potted_plant:

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This is great! Do you have any plans to distribute this to more people who speak mandarin? Also put your wallet address in here :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ll be distributing this to other chinese language channel community that I am in.
For example Zombie Club Token, heavy Taiwanese community / T-O-S, heavy Singapore community / Ali & friend, heavy China community

Thank you @al409.eth and Lil Grants
Wallet address: 0x5E876C81b1A6e341896120fC40478bE6B906539f


A continual of this, in this 2nd article I deep dive into explaining what are the different path of funding there is in our nounish ecosystem. Mainly Lil Grants,, Proposal, I’ve also included the recently passed proposal #30 Lil Sister fund as well.

Have also mention about our lovely Lil Nouns Weekly, hoping to spread this lovely newsletter to more readers and gain more followings.

@al409.eth This is a continuation and am not requesting for additional retro funding. My initial request of 0.25ETH + 1 lil noun would suffice if I may! Am super excited to become a Lil Nouner! Am glad Lil Grants get re-funded, looking forward to see all the new/old initiatives it will support :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for your patience! ill get this in the lil grants tracker :slight_smile:

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Thank you @al409.eth :slightly_smiling_face:

COPY PASTE from korean response

you wrote two separate articles correct? can you paste them both in the mandarin channel?

Yes, I’ve wrote 2 separated articles.

Yea, for sure I can. Will post both of them there :+1:

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In this 3rd article useful resources with regards to lil nouns were being shared and explained, this would allow new comers to have a better idea of what other resources are readily available while they explore about lil nouns.

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