Lil Grant: ProNouns

Hello and Happy Nouniversary,

We are ProNouns. Which we like to call Nouns for Degenz. We have an upcoming project that will be a mostly free mint. This project aims to create a new layer within the Nouns ecosystem.
As we all know the current market is in a weird place; some may even call it pretty bad for now. One of the things that have emerged from the current condition is the “Free Mint” and “Degen” NFT drops.
We feel this is the opportune time to introduce many new collectors and build a new community within the Nouns ecosystem. Many in the space may not be familiar with Nouns as we have been learning or they are priced out. This is the niche we will fill. Opening the door and making it accessible to thousands.

What’s the biggest way this will benefit Lil Nouns DAO?
We will be building upon our new community with the goal of making a “launchpad”; a business incubator of sorts. Our community will vote upon the best proposals that would further proliferate Lil Nouns DAO and submit these proposals here. We are sure that amongst the thousands of members within our new community we will find some minds that will bring forth ideas that will be approved by Lil Nouns DAO.

What stage is the project in it’s lifecycle?
Within One Month:
Create a contract and mint function for the website (completed).
Finish a website (in progress).
Campaign on Twitter (just started) and other social media.
Collect a list of whitelisted individuals who are willing to mint.
Have a successful launch.
Give back to the new community.

Within Two months:
Build and create a new community.

Within Three months:
Create a Dao
Start bringing forth Proposals

Who is the team delivering this project and what qualifies us to deliver?
I and two others are middle-aged gentlemen who have been involved with Crypto since 2016/2017 and NFTs for over a year. At this point, we prefer to remain anonymous and will make a statement shortly in regards because “doxxing” seems to be a trend.
We feel that we are qualified and can deliver because all three of us do have the luxury to work on this project full time. We have all been involved in crypto and web3 since 2016/2017 and NFTs for over a year. I personally also have previous experience as a business owner and manager of several web2 companies.

How much ETH are we requesting?
We are asking for a total of 1 ETH to purchase a total of 5 Lil Nouns allowing us to submit proposals. This is based off of average “floor price” as of today.

Additional funding after this:

Have we applied for funding elsewhere:
Yes. Submitted for discussion with NounsDAO. Small Grants: ProNouns - Nouns

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. We would love any/all feedback and will answer any questions that may arise.

Gm and thank you for your submission!

I have a hard time grasping this idea since we are essentially branding ourselves to be that accessibility layer. We have also signaled to the community that you don’t need to be a holder to build here and receive funding.

I like the idea that you’ll create a new free token which we don’t do, but the premise of making it an incubator for building is already out business model and nobody is gate kept by whether or not they have lil nouns.

Prophouse submissions have no requirement, lil funding has no requirement, and folks can get delegations or someone who supports their idea to post it on chain for them.

I don’t think barrier to entry is an issue here personally.

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Thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated.

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