Lil Grants: High quality + engaging Lil Nouns Physical Merch

TL DR; I’m a nounish, experienced designer w/strong proof of work looking to expand the Lil Nouns brand through quality merch

Hey all, I’m Pxl, she/her/they/them, and I’ve been making high-quality jewelry and merch for the last 18 years, with celeb clients like Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, and many others, and featured in national print and online magazines like InStyle, People, and Glamour. I’ve been selling online and a web/UX designer since web1.0, and I know what I’m doing when it comes to quality and manufacturing.

I’m obsessed with making physical items that are beyond the usual level of NFT merch quality, creativity and design, that turn heads and look great to wear and to share on social media. I made, wore and shared Nouns and Noun Punks themed tees, cross-body hip packs, shoes and jewelry at NFTnyc that got a lot of attention and engagement, and would love to make some similar designs for Lil Nouns to rock IRL, and proliferate across the globe.

I propose:

  1. Development of nounish CC0 collections shopify store, with Lil Nouns community. Payment in USD, no token gating, designed for future wallet integration with token gating. 1 ETH

  2. Lil Nouns specific and Lil Noun proportioned noggles logo tees, cross-body/hip packs, shoes, mugs, hats and hoodies/sweatshirts for a minimum 15 designs/items sampled for quality and offered for community feedback, followed by minimum 5 items offered for sale. 1.5 ETH and 1 Lil Noun

  3. Design, production, fulfillment of Lil Nouns proportioned noggle lapel pins and shoe noggles (shoe buckles), 2 designs in 2 metals, silver (stainless steel) and gold (18k nickel free heavy gold plate over stainless steel). 1 ETH

BUDGET: total 3.5 ETH and 1 Lil Noun

Additional items, perhaps for future props would come online after I order samples to vet quality - I won’t offer items I have not seen/touched/laundered/worn -that’s just who I am, even undoxxed. The next batch of designs up for community input would likely include: jackets/windbreakers, bags, scarves, and other items as decided by the community. These would need to be designed and sampled later, but to give a sense of my thinking/future scope.

I’m very open to ideas, and have bigger plans including accepting crypto payments and token gated custom options, but wanted to trial these designs and get a sense of community desires and aesthetic fit. I also have a prop house proposal in Noun Punks house up for voting as of 7/2/22, if the prop is successful and funding can be combined, I can add more features and make the nounish shop better overall for the first release.


2-6 weeks to open Shopify store with minimum 5 Lil Nouns/noggles items as decided by the community live for purchase with USD. Timing somewhat dependent on community feedback and sample quality.

Please see below for proof of work and social reach, @ me with questions or ideas, I’m around!

Thx ~ Pxl

Noun Punks shirt worn at NFTnyc

60 likes, 12 RTs 1 QT, 8 comments including @4156.

Nouns shirt worn at NFTnyc

37 likes, 2 RTs 4 comments.

Nounish/noggles bag carried all over for NFTnyc

15 likes, 3 RTs as a comment within a thread.

nounish merch designs, some IRL, some mockups







These are just a sampling of the kinds of items I would love to design and have made for the Lil Nouns! At first, I would expect to stick with the original Lil Nouns art and pixel aesthetic, and not so much explore the hand-drawn designs.

Thanks for considering, and please @ me with questions or ideas, I’m in the discord(s)!


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This looks fantastic Pxl! I really want some Lil Nounish merch myself.


  • Should we bother with token gating for sales? Might as well maximize your revenue selling CC0 merch!
  • To clarify, you’ll propose 15 samples, have the community vote on their top 5, and offer those 5 items to start? I can help you set up a snapshot vote for this :slight_smile:

Hey Al thanks for the questions!

  • The token gating would be more to provide some possible loyalty rewards for lil nouns holders, maybe an extra free item in the box, or some other thanks for being in the community. everything would definitely be available for anyone to purchase, for proliferation! Other wallet connected ideas are to pay with crypto and to enable ppl to choose NFT token or contract specific merch from cc0 projects in their wallets.

  • I will propose 15 designs at a minimum, sample items I have not seen in person before and have the community vote on the 15 designs to have a minimum of 5 items available for sale on the first release. I am happy to use snapshot or even discord emoji votes, whatever works best and is easiest for the community.

thanks again for your questions!

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sounds fantastic! I’m voting we push this through asap.


BIG fan of the uniqueness of all the stuff you do!!

we are in discussion to attempt to put these to together as far as back end goes. (assuming we like both ideas)


if this is funded first, once the site is up and token gating is working - and I’m already researching and getting close to choosing a solution for the token gating - then adding on the rewards to the existing shop is much simpler/more efficient and cost effective for the dao.

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Congrats on getting funded! Txn’s just went out.

posting here for notes on numbers for the milestone gifts.

425 U @ 1000
873 U @ 2000
1213 U @ 3000

per Dune


can you outline what this means? sorry to not get it. i think you may be saying how many unique wallets are holding lils in each of these batches? ty!

yes. at those milestones that is the amount of unique wallets.