Lil Nounish Hardware Wallet Cases

**PROPOSAL: Lil Nounish Hardware Wallet Cases **

To create a series of Lil Nouns themed hardware wallet cases, and proliferate the Lil Noun branding right when people are using their hard wallet to explore Web 3.


With this hardware wallet accessory, the Lil Nouns brand will always front and centre whenever you go on your Web 3 adventures. Proliferate Lil Noun branding right where the action is.

This will be a useful Web 3 merch for our most fanatic Lil Nouners. But also a great giveaway for newbies who are looking to join and explore the space. This will hopefully make storing and carrying a hardware wallet easier and promote good digital hygiene of always using a hardware wallet.


  • Swappable insert to hold either Ledger and Trezor wallets. - the 2 leading brands.
  • They are compact enough to be easily carried, and tough enough to give solid protection.
  • Choice of either Silver (bare metal), White, or Black.

The community will choose what design the top of the case will have.


  • Design and development (1 lil nouns)- Retro Funding
  • 3 x Illustrations. 0.3Eth goes to each artist (0.9 ETH total) - Retro Funding
  • Procurement and logistics coordination (0.5 ETH)

Total = 1.4 Eth + 1 lil Nouns

1. Design and Development.
Design development of the case, inserts, packaging details. This will include illustrations, renders, and finally photos of production grade prototypes.

2**. Case top Illustrations from community Artists.**
Will aim to have an array of designs for the community to choose from and land on 3 final designs to go into production. I wish to open this part up to everyone in the Lil nouns community. I propose that the 3 selected artists get 0.3 Eth each as compensation for making the most nounish meme/design.

P.S. It would be cool to have many many designs, but limiting to 3 styles for now allows higher QTY order per style, and therefore cheaper products for all.

3**. Procurement and logistics coordination**
To establish reliable and high quality production partners, and set up logistics so that this swag will be available to everyone.


  • Week 1: Finish design development of the case, and start design of packaging details.
  • Week 2: Run a vote on discord/twitter on which 3 designs the community would like to see brought to life.
  • Week 3-4: Start making production ready prototypes, take product shops once ready.
  • Week 5: Confirm bulk order with manufacturer. Launch the webstore and start taking orders!
  • Week 7-8: Start shipping out!


Pakmanscoop#8588 on discord, if you’d like to DM and discuss more


Design concept:

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Loved the Design. :heart_eyes:

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case is cool, what would be the end cost to purchase for consumer?

Great point! At the moment, the estimate end cost to consumer would be ~ US$10 - $12.
And for the Lil nouns holders, ~ US$ 8 - 9, as a return for the DAO’s support.

Would be good to know if the community think this is reasonable off the bat. But the real test would be actual sales.

This product is meant to be a mid-end and fun accessory, kind of like Casetify for iPhone. The pricing model is also similar: So the accessory cost around ~ 1/9 of the actual hardware.

(For reference: Ledger Nano S: US$60, Nano S+: US$80, Nanos X: US$150)

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Just updating some possible version for the wallet case:

These incredible Lil Nouns art are by Lil 1112

Rendered in 3D

These are more minimalistic takes with the classic Noggles.

i want one of these!!!

We should reach out to one of the hardware providers and put together a package.

This would be a great perk for an IRL airdrop. hardware IN this packaging.

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im interested in taking this one a bit further if people are interested. and then we can remove form grants