Merchandise Proposal Art Basel Miami

Merchandise Proposal - Inception


The Nounish Agency proposes to create merchandise for the lil nouns to be presented to the community during Art Basel in Miami 2022. The merchandise consists of hats, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants and stickers.

About Us

The Nounish Agency is a team of marketing executives and event planners. Our team consists of senior software engineers, executive leaders and multifaceted administrators who have experience creating multicultural relations, sincere engagement and lasting connections.


Merchandise has long since been something that holders look forward to collecting. At events, merchandise can be something fun and interactive that holders can do together. Merchandise will proliferate the Noun and lil noun ways because it brings visibility to the art of Nouns and starts conversations about Nouns and lil nouns Dao’s. It will also merge Web2 with web 3, bridging that gap. In doing so, Nouns would be the reason for many new people onboarding into the space.


  • “Art Basel is North America’s most comprehensive international contemporary art fair with over 250 galleries from 35 countries showcasing works by more than 4,000 artists. Held annually, Art Basel Miami Beach draws thousands of art dealers, artists, collectors and aficionados to Miami.”
  • The Merchandise will be featured at a boutique in Miami close to the Miami Beach convention center.
  • The merchandise boutique will be marketed broadly across multiple platforms for optimal visibility
  • The merchandise will be available for purchase to all
  • A wide variety of merchandise from several well-known web 3 projects will also be available for purchase.

Expectations/ Success Metrics:

We expect to sell between 300-500 units of merchandise.

We expect holders to be happy and satisfied with their quality merchandise.

We expect the Nouns and lil Nouns communities to experience an increase in visibility due to merchandise being shown off throughout the week in Miami.

Budget Breakdown

15 ETH

5 Eth to team

10 Eth to Merchandise Expenditures


Brittney @brittzbits lil noun #3418, #4065, #4049, #4013

Zack ZackRadio lil noun #3173, #3727, #3695,#4243,#4244, #4399

Andre @dredamonsta1 lil noun #3876, #3396

Proposed Transactions

  1. 0xdf8507227323d4EeF9D9223BDF9625978aFf59d6 (15 ETH)
  2. Two of the Three signers are needed to authorize Mulitsig wallet