Nouns IRL Experience Sponsorship

A Nounish, curated art-tech experience featuring art from queer and trans BIPOC creators

I run a community called the Prism Collective with over 100 artists from around the world and we organize and host art-tech experiences called Prism World.

Our first experience was hosted during NFT NYC where we hosted artist highlight Twitter Spaces with every artist in the gallery leading up to the event. We were able to reach hundreds of people , sold out in less than a day of 60 tickets and were able to onboard brand new people into the Web3 ecosystem live at the event.

Since then, we’ve gotten interest to collaborate with various communities and have three event collaborations lined up over this last quarter (see below) We’ve partnered with Polygon, Loser Club Reborn, FWB and a few Music NFT communities on our activations. We provide AR/VR experiences, digital art projections, musical performances and physical art for our full experiences — all showcasing work from queer and trans BIPOC creators!

October 15- Prism World x FWB (Detroit)

October 25 - Prism World x The Underground Violet Rave (Cincinnati)

December 1-3 - Prism World x Wavwrld (Sound xyz, Venice Music, Superfest and more) (Art Basel Miami)

For this proposal, we are offering sponsorship opportunity to the Nouns community in exchange for premium event access and nounish branding in our VR experience for our Prism World x FWB event coming up at the end of the month. This would pay for our VR partner’s accommodations for running the activation. We are expecting 100-150 people to be in attendance.

I’d love to partner with Nouns on more events in this series especially as we cross the threshold into expanding into Brazil, Paris and Toronto (2023) and make these events center points for onboarding queer and trans people of color into Web3.

Our first activation (during NFT NYC):

Instagram: @prismqtbipoc3

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