Lil Sisters: Audio-Visual pieces by the Prism Collective

Prism Collective is a collective creating access and opportunity for queer and trans creators and leaders of color. We are asking for a 1 ETH grant to fund a collaborative, color-themed audio-visual project that can be used by lil nouns & sisters community holders.

Deliverables would be audio-visual pieces produced collaboratively by Prism Collective artists that could be owned and used by the nouns community. The grant would go toward paying each Prism artist who produces work for the project.

We’ve partnered with people like Polygon, Loser Club, The Sandbox and more to bring curated immersive art experiences IRL & in the meta verse.

twitter: @grlkrash

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Nice! Could you please put on your proposal some art of an established collaboration so we can have an idea of the results?

The first example I’ll give was a multi-media collaboration between a few of our artists:

Our twitter is also @prismqtbipoc3 if you’d like to check us out there!

The second example I’ll give is our art-tech experiences that we host using art from all queer and trans artists of color paired with projected visuals and/or AR/VR experiences. Our most recent was at NFT NYC in June, here’s a video recap: