Lil sisters metaverse park ⌐◨-◨ for online meetings

disclaimer - as new user I can only post two links so the full text I will post once I am not new user is here **PROPOSAL:** Lil Nouns Lil Sister metaverse PICNIC PARK ⌐◨-◨ FOR ONLINE MEETINGS - Google Docs


TL;DR requesting for 2 ETH to aquire and build metaverse parcel. Or 2 proposals / 1. build free space (up to 5 people meeting limit) , 2. buy parcel and move the design on it.

PROJECT OVERVIEW / WHY CRYPTO VOXELS Voxels is one of oldest running metaverses, with voxels graphic, which perfectly suits LilNouns style. It can be visited on mobile phone, i pad, computer or VR head set without installing any app, just from browsers. You can go in anonymously, without login, and still can grab wearables, like a glass of wine, or Noggles. There can be build free space, a park with picnic, where can meet up to 5 people. Than after buying a parcel, the design can be moved there. This virtual space can be used as gallery, enhance experience if Twitter Spaces and also there can be organized dj event, as is possible to stream from twitch or youtube. There is also possible for the avatars to grab objects within the metaverse, like glass of wine or noggles, also possible to collect eth adresses for giveaways (as guest book) or to put POAP dispenser and people can collect POAPs with their avatars. I think this can enhance experience of online meetings while also there can be displayed artists who did Lil Nouns inspired art (I would select in Discord channel, handle the submissions).

I would buy parcel in [Cryptovoxels ], they are now quite low price than usual, and transfer it to LilNounsDAO while remaining as builder. This parcel would be part of the map, and on it can actually be attached almost infinite amount (500 but is possible to add more by adding more builders) of additional free sopaces h ttps:// . That way is possible to make more spaces to fit upcoming Lil Nounish sisters art. And display all artists than would want - submissions can be handled in discord channel, or google document. Additional [free spaces parcels]) would be handled with collab with my friend, also voxels designer.


  • Buying VOXEL parcel ( currently prices 0.5, 0.7 to 1 ETH also more, as voxels parcels are each unique height and size, but we dont need the biggest one)

  • Funding building + art selection + executing the selection in the 3d environment (0.5ETH)

  • Funding creation of customized picnic items and wearables speacial for Lil Sis (0.5ETH) + 1x Lil Noun

ETH wallet address for funds: 113kw.eth
ETH wallet for 1x Lil Nouns: 113kw.eth

Or can be as two separates proposals. First to build the space in free spaces, where can meet up to 5 people at once. I would also like to work with a friend, voxels architect, so we can bring as much cute nounish wearables as possible. (so people can grab them with their avatars). But the wearables are always attached to parcels, so in case we wouldnt be aquiring the parcel immediately, we will either wait with minting the wearables NFTs or we can mint them in collection of others (I wont recomend for reasons branding).

Design examples

park I already did:


Parcel building and adding submissioned artists will be finished in 3 months.

I would like the community to consult with me, so the building will suit. I hope we can also connect by teleport with other nounish parcels.

This are examples of parcels I have build, you can visit directly anonymously on android, iphone, ipad, notebook…no login needed.

HIGH BUILDING WITH 3 FLOORS - visit here h ttps://,170N


PARK GALLERY - visit here h ttps://,192N

Thank you and please have a look at screenshots from parcel.

(not possible to be added as I am new user at the moment

contact me on h ttps://

This proposal is also submitted under Lil Grants (2ETH), if both Lil grants and Lil sisters are passed, there will be one parcel for Lil Sisters picnic and one parcel for Lil Nouns.

I would love to work with community voting for deciding on options while building.

This is an interesting idea. I’d love to see us feature the nounish work of women who are connected with lil nouns! The Nouns Museum is already there and The Nouns Square just opened a space too. Would be cool to have one that is focused on Lil Nouns overall and Lil Nouns artists, particularly women.

What is the current cost of parcels in cryptovoxels?