Shining Nouns! Projection Mapping for Proliferation!

Im a nounish, projectionist that would like to projection map NounPunks on buildings outdoors in different cities! :cityscape:

:film_projector:Shining Nouns! Projection Mapping for Proliferation! :film_projector:

Hi everyone ! I am wanting to bring the Nounish vibes into the city in a different way!! With projectors and projection mapping!

About me:

My name is Bloomz and I am a Projectionist. I work with a DAO that does projections for the NFT and Web3 community called LightItUpDAO. We have done projections, digital and analog, at conferences like EthDenver and NFT NYC!

Proposal ask: 3.5 Eth and 1 Lil noun

About the Proposal:

The 3.5 Eth to fund 5 nights of Nounish projections onto large buildings and statues in various busy parts of Denver !

I will be attending and sponsoring a Web3 event in 2 weeks in Denver, called FutureShape360. It is a 4 day Networking Nft / Music event, and is expected to have an attendance over 3000 people over the weekend. This would cover expenses for renting the projector, and various equipment needed for the projections ( generator, cameras,stands,cords,etc) . Each day/night will run roughly $650 with all rentals of equipment .

We will project Lil nouns at the event and at different spots around the city! :cityscape:

Thank you for your consideration on this proposal! Please let me know if you have any questions.

What would you specifically be projecting? A lil noun with a QR code to our site could be interesting!

Yes precisely!! We would project Lil nouns and any Lil nouns related art. The image I included did not have the QR in the picture but we do just that! A QR code projected with a call to action attached to the qr whether that be the website or anything else nounish! @al409.eth

Why not purchase projector. especially if at night. They can be purchased for the cost of 1 day rental. We just bought one for our gym. was lower end, but only $150. can get REALLY god ones for $500-800

Likewise with the generator and cords. etc etc.

seems like purchase over rent is a no brainer. (forgive me if i dont understand what is technically needed)

Would the QR code lead to specific event focused lil nouns website?


We should have a call out to all Lil Nouns to attend the event if in the area and want to . Is it open r private. (the events, not he viewing n buildings…)

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The type of projectors we use currently to achieve the quality and results are 4K lumens. If I was to purchase a projector, i would need a model along the lines of a Epson Powerlite L255F, or something similar in specs. These run around $1,500.

That being said i would not be opposed to purchasing a projector, and corresponding equipment to have for future projects!

As for the QR code, I like the idea of it leading to an event focused lil nouns website! I am no web developer, but maybe another lil noun would be interested in creating something like that. For the time being i was planning to have the QR lead to the lil nouns main website.

As far as the call out to the events, that is something I was thinking myself! FutureShape360 is the event website.
The Saturday event will be at the Fillmore auditorium in Denver, the tickets cost $40. The Fillmore event is currently running a sale of 2 for $40.
Sunday will be an all day networking event with speakers and panels at Reelworks in the Rino Arts District. There will also be NFT projects on exhibit and various DJ performances into the evening.
There are 3 types of tickets:
FutureShape360 Genesis token: Cost 2.5 Eth Link to FutureShape360 website FutureShape360 is a first of its kind, fully tokenized, all inclusive 3 day event converging 360 of the most influential men and women in the crypto and NFT space to network, socialize and form the core group of leaders to help shape the future of Web3.
This token includes

  • Stay at luxurious Denver hotels
  • All inclusive food
  • All inclusive drink
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • VIP access to all concerts and galleries
  • Private Show with deadmau5 at Meow Wolf
  • Private Show with Leftover Salmon at Welcome Part2
  • 1/1 art airdrops from well known NFT artists in the space
  • Merchandise
  • Access to mini-conference speaker panels from leaders in music, art, and Web3.

Locals Pass: Cost: .2 Eth Link to Locals Pass NFT The Local Pass provides access to:

  • The Saturday, July 30th 2022 concert at the Fillmore in Denver, CO
  • The Sunday, July 31st 2022 concert at ReelWorks in Denver, CO
  • Entry into a drawing to attend the private event at Meow Wolf which includes a private performance by deadmau5. 50 local pass token holders will be selected for the private Meow Wolf deadmau5 event in Denver, CO.

GA: The General Admission tickets to each specific event will just get you in for that event. Sunday GA tickets will get you into the later evening of the event, with the NFT exhibits and various DJ performances starting around 5pm. This will not include the speakers panels.

Hey everybody! Just wanting to check in and hoping we can get this lil grant funded! The event is this weekend and I am currently getting everything finalized! I did a walk through at 1 of the 3 venues today and things are looking great! I added my wallet address below as i did not include it in my original post. @al409.eth

Wallet address : bloomz.eth or 0xf9d71b5fB8345F2508C1302a74d4362DEAb7D104

Lil Grants is queued for another 16 Hours I think; then we can execute the re-fund!

Can you write up a post that is easily portable to Twitter / Insta?

Awesome! And just to be clear do you mean an invite post for the event? @sqx10

What is minimum cost to deliver this? I think renting equipment is the only option, what would that look like? Can you get access to do these projections with the general admission? What specifically will you be projecting?

Please provide a detailed breakdown of every cost you’d incur.

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his original was for rental. i asked about rental vs purchase. as many times its cost equvalent

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Yes I will have access to do these projections with the general admission at $350. The minimum I would ask for to execute this project would be 2.5 Eth and .25 Eth for me to get a Lil noun as comp.

i need line items of cost if we are trying to send $4675

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This would shave off 1-2 nights of projections in the city, depending on what I can work out.

Projector 500$ per night
Generator, stand, cords, media player (micca drive) 150$ per night
This is breakdown for rentals of the equipment totaling $4550 for total of 7 nights of projections 3 being in the city in different high traffic spots . Remaining funds will go towards $350 for the event ticket. I will fund the remaining ticket cost

why don’t we scale it back to 3 nights? take some videos etc. and then we all have a better idea in the future. get some feedback etc?

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I would love to do what everyone is comfortable with! I would tho, love to do as many nights as I can, maybe 4 nights so that I can do one night in Denver night life area? I have been doing projections successfully with great traction for 5 months now :slight_smile:

I would need 2950$ for 4 nights and 1 general admission ticket +.25 for a lil noun as comp

3 nights would be 2300$ + .25 Eth

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2 ETH . I think well worth for the media highlights of the 3 nights. I say go ahead at this price point.

we can set up something with nounish raffles for pics with pics gets entered for an NFT from the nounish raffles collection

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That would be so awesome!! Would love to get people engaged with something like that!