Lil Nouns Rolling Trays

requesting 4 eth for the marketing and production of 500 lil nouns rolling trays

i want to proliferate lil nouns through the creation of, amongst other things, home goods, products, and clothing. to kick this off i have designed a lil nouns rolling tray and will be having 500 of them produced for sale


  • production & delivery: 1.2 eth
    • 500 trays
    • 500 packages
  • guerilla marketing: 1.5 eth
    • irl marketing campaign
    • 7-10 days
    • 36” x 24” posters
    • 20 locations throughout manhattan and brooklyn
  • digital marketing: .5 eth
    • working with photographers, videographers, and animators
  • retro: .5 eth
    • product design and concept
    • marketing direction and design

total: 3.7 eth, request rounded up to 4 eth to account for volatility from now until funding

wallet address: 0x87772fF7C65B5c93Be52e3504670c6407271F829

this project aligns with lil nouns dao through the use of cc0 artwork to create products that are native to my interests and background in design while at the same time proliferating the noggles as the product goes out into the world. the dao serving as a path for creatives and builders to execute on their ideas is something I hope to proliferate through action and executing this idea

i currently have the design ready to go and have been quoted by all parties involved. everything is in place to be executed upon funding. see sample render below:

TIMELINE (upon funding)

  • 40-45 days for production
  • post production, 30-40 days to receive the trays (will cost more if faster)
  • post delivery, release for sale alongside a 2 week guerrilla marketing campaign
  • throughout the approximate 90 days i will be digitally marketing the product with content made in collaboration with other creatives

discord: dasher#0319