Example Lil Funding Request

For Inspiration Purposes.

Lil Grants Templated Funding Request

Project Overview
Tell us about the project that you want to get funded.
Share some of the goals of the project.

Amount of ETH or Lil Nouns requested. Please also include your ETH addresses as well.

How does this project align with Lil Nouns DAO? What makes it Nounish?

Current Progress
Share any progress that you’ve made so far. Include links, screenshots, or any other materials that can help the community understand what you’re working on. Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten started yet. Just share some details about what it is you hope to achieve.

High-Level Plan
Tell us how you plan on completing the project. Feel free to share any sort of plan or roadmap that breaks your project down into some tactical steps. Some teams include milestones or timeline to track progress.


  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3

Further Information
Add any discord links, comments, or extra information you want us to checkout.


i forward this template often, thanks for writing this up