Lil Funding Committee request for

This request is parallel to proposal 54

The team wants to continue building with Lil Nouns. We request 25Ξ from the Lil Funding Committee [per Proposal 52] for retroactive and dev runway to continue building out the project.

What is your project in 100 characters or less

a central order book alternate lil nouns front-end

What’s the biggest way this will benefit Lil Nouns DAO?

we’ll sell more lil nouns and build stronger community with holders “selecting” their lil

What stage is the project in it’s lifecycle?

  • Idea/Inception (Nothing built yet)
  • Partially complete
    *** Done** (Requesting retroactive funding)

What have you done so far? (if applicable, provide a link to a working demo)

High-Level Plan - Roadmap/Key Deliverables

Who is the team delivering this project?

@ nvonpentz.eth, solidity
@ mulford.eth, webdev
@ lilpanda.branigan.eth, pm
@ meeshlin.eth, design
@ lildonut.eth, marketing
@ lilpizza.eth, ideation/apprentice

What experience qualifies you to deliver on this project?

we met each other, organized, and built in about two weeks

How much ETH are you asking for? Provide a cost breakdown.


*** @ nvonpentz.eth. (solidity)**
*** @ mulford.eth (dev)**
*** @ lilpanda.branigan.eth (PM, comms)**
*** 1.5Ξ @ meeshlin.eth. (figma)**
*** 1.5Ξ @ lildonut.eth. (figma, copy)**

DEV Runway Through October 15 - 13Ξ

*** 12Ξ Coordinape multisig to 6-person team for runway through October 15**
*** Out-of-pocket expenses/maintenance: domain, gas, RPC calls, contract deploys, test mints, etc**
*** TOTAL to 0xCc955321975520a70Bd0fA72d70ebb7053888585**
current signers al409, sqx.pcc.eth, lilpanda.branigan, necfas

Will you require additional funding after this?

*** Yes, if we have not finished the project and we are still delivering value to lil nouns**

  • No

Have you received/requested funding for this idea elsewhere?

*** Yes* 1 ETH per prop 1340 (.4 @ nvonpentz.eth, .4 @ mulford.eth, .2 @ lilpanda.branigan.eth)**

We believe funding is appropriate as an acknowledgement of past contributions, to reward ongoing contributors to lil nouns, to signal to the community that retroactive funding is a viable–even superior–path to build on Lil Nouns. Thank you for considering our request.

Team is prepared to cancel proposal 54 for fair retro and future dev funding.

Thank you,