Retro Fund: Nouns/Lil Nouns in Korean

I wrote a Korean article about Nouns/Lil Nouns information and how to participate.

Here is the link:

The most significant writing platform in Korea, Brunch:

There are various web3 builders in Korea, and cryptocurrency trading volume ranks second in East Asia.
I think this article will help Koreans who do not speak English to get to know the Nouns.

Also, I am a product designer making web3 things. To make it more widely known, I’ll share this article with the degens and builders I know.

I want to request 0.25 ETH and Lil Nouns 1280 for this article. (RGB💙)

In the future, I plan to write in Korean about my experiences participating in proposals, discussions, and voting to attract new builders unfamiliar with DAO. Thanks!

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great work for the community!


IM not sure if a specific Lil is requestable, and I cant read Korean, but nice work!!


If it is impossible to request a specific Lil, another Lil is gooood too.
And thanks for clicking the link! :wink:

Nice work! Are there many Koreans who want to join lil Nouns DAO?

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Thanks, Luu!
A few degens I know already got lil noun. and I found on Twitter that several Koreans have lil.
I think I can help them and newcomers get into the community.

awesome work :slight_smile: unfortunately we cannot hand pick lil nouns to give :frowning:

I’ll get this in the tracker!

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unsure on how articles written and websites created in other languages has been treated. I suggest just treating teh same for now. repeat submissions and or updating I think should be 1/-1/2 original

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