Lil Noun's x Rug Radio (Pilot Twitter Space)

I’m proposing Lil Nouns collaborates w/ Rug Radio to host Twitter spaces once a week over a 3 wk period. Each episode will highlight the Lil Noun’s community by on-boarding a broad range of Web3 communities in the ecosystem. During each space we will participate In the live auction for Lil Noun’s.

Each episode will include a different Web3 community in hopes to on-board communities into the Lil Noun’s ecosystem.

During each space a Lil Noun will be gifted to a non Lil Noun’s holder.
This pilot will assist in community visibility and community awareness

Asking: 2Eth

are the 3 lil nouns to be given away included in the 2eth?

Looking forward to your pilot.


Me too, I’m excited !
Hopefully I got your vote.

hey @Zackradio,

loving this initiative and looking forward to see this unfold. a few questions:

  • are those episodes being recorded and uploaded somewhere to listen back to?
  • do you have some sort of structure on themes you plan on talking about?
  • how will you be handling the giveaways?
  • ‘we will participate in the live auction for lil nouns?’ - what do you have in mind on that side?

Great question’s

Each Episode will be recorded and uploaded to Youtube.

I will bring on a community founder and discuss there project while on-boarding there community to Lil nouns and the benefit’s of joining our ecosystem.

The guest will be gifted a Lil Noun (I’ll win a live auction or buy on OS)

I will have a moderator, who will keep track of the live auctions during the space. I will bid during the auction. Hopefully I win, if not that mean’s someone out bidding me. Which also benefits Lil Nouns.

I will discuss in detail during my prop space on Tuesday.

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